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The Moon & You: Living by Luna

From the time humans began looking up at the sky, the most notable object besides the Sun, was the Moon. It is the Moon our ancestors looked to for guidance and timing for everything. From hunting and planting, to fertility rituals and planning travel, the Moon has served as our guide.

There are eight Moon phases, as the Moon waxes from New to Full and wanes back again. Each phase offering us the opportunity to leverage a certain kind of energy. Each phase operates a little differently as the Moon transits the 12 signs of the zodiac, offering us a full range of experiences. As much as reading astrological texts can help you discover the calculations and standard definitions of the planets, signs and houses, nothing replaces observational and applied experience.

As a young astrology student with little access to material (I was in a country where astrology was illegal to study or practice), I decided to monitor Lunar transits around my natal chart to see what I might discover. As a result,

I developed an observational applied astrology method for myself which led to some surprising results, and I credit this practice with my accuracy as an applied astrologer to this day. Beyond the timing aspect of this practice, it helped develop a keep awareness and expand my conscious awareness of the shifting tides of emotions and reactivity I expressed and equipped me with the knowledge to assist in becoming responsive.

Understanding how to track, observe and apply Lunar transits is a valuable skill in developing mastery as a student of astrology. From the Lunar we can then understand the interrelation between celestial bodies (aspects), how our lives can be either lived on autopilot or with deliberation and measure the difference through recording our observations.

Astrology is so much more than a tool for understanding our personalities, it is an accurate method for planning our day to day lives and gain a deep knowledge of self. It is not merely an intellectual pursuit where you fill your busy brain with more data and factoids, if you learn to open your mind and learn how to observe life with a keen awareness you can surf the cosmic tides with ease and grace.

I've begun to teach this method to those wanting to stretch their astrological muscles over on Patreon. We meet twice a month to go over the lunar transits, observations and how to measure our understanding and experiences as individuals and learn from each other as a community. This will grant you access to the new learning portal I'm building for classes and coaching.

You can join us on Patreon through the Living by Luna Tier

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