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Evolutionary Astrology

Practical Application & Conscious Living

Q:  What is Progressive Evolutionary  Astrology?

A.  Veteran astrologer, Laurie Rivers coined the term to differentiate her style of astrology from Evolutionary Astrology.


Progressive Evolutionary Astrology is a branch of Western Tropical Astrology dedicated to deconstructing patriarchy out of astrological interpretation. The aim is to lessen the use of duality and binary language and focus on the mechanics of the celestial bodies without gender bias.  Progressive Evolutionary Astrology addresses the complexity of human consciousness in terms of a spectrum of expression versus the more traditional view of planets and signs as strong/weak, good/.bad, masculine/feminine.  Life and human consciousness are  complex, we recognize and honor that.

Q. What is applied astrology?

A. Knowledge by itself is not power, knowing how to use knowledge is power. Applied astrology is the most original form of astrology used since ancient times. Applied astrology means that there is a practical use for the knowledge of personality traits, skills and abilities and how to use timing as shown through astrological transits.

Q: How did Laurie come up with the idea of Progressive Evolutionary Astrology?

A.  Laurie came to astrology from anthropology and political science, in the mid-1990's there was already discussion regarding gender bias and social constructs. In 1995 when Laurie began studying astrology she noticed the immense amount of adherence to patriarchy in how astrology charts were interpreted. Her interest in expanding awareness when it came to understanding human consciousness led her to study with Jeffrey Wolf Green one of the founders of Evolutionary Astrology. As much as those progressive concepts were groundbreaking, Laurie felt there was still too much emphasis on gender roles and constructs.  In 2001, she studied with acclaimed astrologer Joanne Wickenburg, taking a class on Venus and found her own theories validated in regards to the planet in terms of how it is glossed over and minimized in a parallel fashion to how women are marginalized in society. 

Three decades into her practice and research Laurie continues to insist on progressing the narrative when it comes to chart interpretation in order to meet the current world challenges and move forward with the innovative consciousness we need to build a future unlike anything we as humans have experienced in our past. 

Q: Why aren't traditional interpretations good enough?

A:  Traditional interpretations are based on a culture and society that a) no longer exists and b) was steeped in patriarchy, dominance and control. Determinism is limiting and such concepts require humans to remain "in their place" with no room for expansion and personal growth. 

Q: How can I learn more about Progressive Evolutionary Astrology?

A:  Check Out Our Courses 

Astrology Readings

All sessions are recorded 

How To Choose The Right Reading For You

 Personal (Natal) Readings:


This is a great reading if you've never had your birth chart read by a professional astrologer. Each of the astrologers who conduct natal readings were personally trained and are currently mentored by Laurie Rivers. Their work is exceptional. You can find out more about the readers by checking out their pages under the Woke Astrology drop down menu - Click Here


Personal readings are where you have your natal (birth chart) interpreted by a trained professional astrologer. This is a deep dive into who you are as a person. This is not a reading that goes into your future, career, or love life specifically. This is the perfect reading for people who want a greater understanding of self.

Consultations with Laurie


Astro Energies Reading:   Traditionally called a "transit" reading, this 45 minute session is for clients who want a peek at the near future. Laurie looks at up to 3 months worth of transits and offers guidance on how to manage the timing, energy and how to take advantage of opportunities.  This is one of the most popular readings that clients choose to touch base throughout the year to keep on track.

Career|Life|Business Reading:  In this 1 hr reading Laurie works with you to identify your key strengths and how to use them to your greatest advantage. This reading is great for people in a crossroads in life, relationships, career or seeking to build a business.  As a certified coach and business consultant Laurie brings you proven methods, personalized strategies and practical action steps you can make to reach your goals.  

Parent-Child Reading:  They say children don't come with an operating manual, but they do!  The birth chart is the perfect map of a person's personality, showing how they best communicate, perceive the world, how they best learn, and what motivates them in authentic ways. In this reading Laurie looks at both the child's and parent's chart to look at how the parent can best support the child, reduce parenting frustrations, anxiety and worry while maintaining their own sense of self. It's a powerful reading that has helped hundreds of parents around the globe feel relief and empowered in their parenting journey.

Year Ahead Reading:  12 month overview with month by month guidance. In this reading Laurie looks at the 12 months from the date of the reading both from a bird's eye view and then gets into the spooky accurate month by month themes, timing, challenges and opportunities.  Laurie looks at up to 16 charts in this reading in order to give you the most accurate view of the year ahead. (Bookings open at the Summer and Winter Solstices Only)


Workshops & Classes

All sessions are recorded 


 Natal Chart Foundations


Offered several times a year, Laurie River's Natal Chart Foundations Curriculum is designed to take beginning astrology enthusiasts to the next level. This 12 week course is taught live and gives students an immersive approach to gaining fluency and confidence when it comes to navigating the natal chart. 12 hrs of live instruction  Click to See Course Details

Intermediate Astrology


14 week live course is designed with the serious astrology enthusiast in mind. This is a must have course for those who aspire to become professional natal chart readers. This offers a profound dive into natal astrology interpretation, the ethics of astrology and helps students begin to synthesize the many parts of the natal chart into a comprehensive journey of self discovery. 21 hrs of live instruction Click to See Course Details

Astrology 301: Planetary Transits:   Designed for Intermediate Level Astrologers this course is a six week intensive into understanding and interpreting transits to the  natal chart. 12 hrs of live instruction  Click to See Course Details

Astrology 301: Aspects:  Designed for Intermediate Level Astrologers this course is a six week intensive into understanding and interpreting aspects in the  natal chart. Coming soon


Professional Mentorship Program:
One year program designed to build a strong foundation as an astrologer ready to read like a pro.  Includes workshops, seminars, recorded classes, private group, and practical hands on training by Laurie Rivers and certified instructors.   Coming soon
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