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Professional Natal Astrologer

Jennifer is a practicing astrologer making content about her multiple interconnected passions in neuroscience, philosophy, sociology, mathematics, and astrology. She is dedicated to making big concepts understandable and providing practical applications of information for you to use in your life.

Astrology is an amazing tool in helping Jennifer provide a service to her clients in which she can share practical techniques in which they can develop themselves. 

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"Jen quickly created rapport with me, so the whole reading was comfortable. She specifically described different aspects of my personality, disposition, and values. Some that I was already aware of, and others filled in gaps that helped me understand myself better; all of it was deeply personal.
Her reading helped put some of the puzzle pieces of my life into perspective. She shared an avalanche of information with me. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone considering having a Natal Chart reading. Her ability to connect creates a safe space as she interprets the in-depth details of your being."


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