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The Pluto Return of 2022: The Real Story

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The buzz has been building online for quite a few years as astrologers (both amateur and professional) debate the Pluto return of the US Declaration of Independence. In this article, I hope to allay some fears in regards to this event and put things into historical context.

Even some of the most esteemed professional astrologers in the world seem to believe that the "Sibly Chart" is the birth chart of the United States as a nation. I began my career as a political analyst and found astrology a few years later. It's important when interpreting political events you have a good understanding of how nations and governments form and behave.

Just like a conception chart has little bearing on a person's life, because there is no guarentee that the embryo is viable until it is born and takes it's first breath, there are conditions for which a nation is deemed a nation. The Sibly chart represents the signing of the Declaration of Independence, that is not when the nation was formed. It was the conception of the nation. The Declaration of Independence was a letter from the colonies to the Crown declaring the intent of independent nationhood. It started the Revolutionary war, but there was no guarentee of nationhood at that time. In fact, the US Revolution lasted from 1776 until 1783 when the Treaty of Paris was signed. Once could argue in that moment the US was born and we could look to the 1783 chart. However, the current incarnation of the United States of America did not exist until 1787 when the US Constitution was signed.

To be a nation you need to have a viable government and be recognized by other Nation-States. We could have a healthy debate around the 1783 chart and the 1787 chart, but the 1776 chart is most certainly not the birth of the United States of America. It was however, the beginning of the Revolutionary war.

There are no charts with 100% known accuracy for the signing of the US constitution on 9/17/1787. The time is in question... The planets however are what interest me, especially given the turbulent times in which we live, most notably Saturn in Aquarius at 23 degrees.

This has a Rodden rating of DD which leads me to not trust the time. Lois Rodden was a stickler for accuracy when it came to charts and times.

I am unsure of the data used in this other chart posted on the site AstroThemes

It is the end of Imperialism.

There are many astrologers attempting to make a correlation to Pluto returns and the fall of nations and empires. There is some flawed logic involved when attempting to equate the US Pluto return with the Fall of Rome.

  1. Pluto was only discovered in 1930. As per the understanding that energy can only have conscious influence if it is observable, the effect of Pluto on human consciousness was minimal until it was observable by humanity. Using historical references to discern how the Pluto return will play out is flawed logic.

  2. In fact, the only planets with any "power" in the 1776 chart are the luminaries (Sun/Moon) the inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the Tertiary (Jupiter & Saturn). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not observable and thus became part of our collective consciousness.( Uranus1781, Neptune 1846, Pluto 1930.)

  3. Rome was neither built, nor fell in a day - neither was nor will the United States of America. There is massive systemic change on the way, but will it be a complete fall? Or will it be a rebirthing? If we're talking about Pluto, it's never about utter destruction, that is the prerogative of Mars. This will be a regeneration, a transformed nation (preferably more humble.)

Whereas, there are plenty of Pluto in Leo astrologers who interpret Pluto as the "destroyer", it is not the only interpretation available. Astrologers Louis Acker and Francis Saokian in their book "The Astrologers Handbook" describe Pluto as forced Evolution. Without Pluto in our consciousness, Mars is what held sway and thus there was great rises and falls of nation-states and empires. In this era where Pluto is active in our consciousness, Pluto may not play the destructive role everyone is assuming. Not utter destruction. Not a dark age causing event. It is my theory that Pluto will reflect the forced need of humanity to adapt and innovate collectively in the face of global challenges. I do not see a world war as predicted by some mediums, psychics and astrologers. What we face today is the equivalent; a world wide pandemic never seen on this scale in human history, the economic ramifications of the pandemic and the increasing severity of climate change. These factor will force evolution, for social and cultural change because without such change the species itself requires transformation.

2/22/2022 is flashy

It is tempting to look at the date above and attempt to divine some numeric significance. It's enticing, it's almost mesmerizing. However, that is the realm of numerology, not astrology. Our current calendars are arbitrary, the orbits of the planets are not, we simply assign months and dates in an attempt to interpret the movement of the solar system surrounding our tiny blue marble. I am not gain saying numerology, in fact I urge you to read the blogs of competent numerologers, but astrology and numerology are separate disciplines.

We will witness the conscious expression of Pluto returning to the degree it was in 1776, and there may be some political activities. It will not be a revolution, regardless of how much certain extremist factions in the US would like to make it so. In fact, it is my theory that with Pluto now in our consciousness we are less likely to see out right war and destruction, and more likely to political acts causing change and transformation. This could be a restructuring of a branch of the US government, or a repeal of certain rules in the House and Senate. As this will be occurring during the beginning of the 2022 midterm primaries and we may see many incumbents unseated. We may see a change of leadership in agencies, committees, and in Federal offices and we may see the US Constitution in crisis as it too must change to meet the modern era. That is most likely to be evident in April of 2022 into early 2023 when the US constitution once again has it's Saturn Return.

List of the US Constitution Saturn Returns

  1. 1816-1817

  2. 1846

  3. 1875-1876

  4. 1905

  5. 1934

  6. 1964

  7. 1993

  8. 2022-2023

The year 2021 is the flip side of 1934 when it comes to Pluto with the outer planet having sat at 24 degrees Cancer and it now sits at 24 degrees Capricorn. This itself is important to note, it's a completion of a cycle. 1934 was a contentious year in the US and abroad, from the depression to the beginnings of the Second World War, 1934 was a turning point. 2021 is also a turning point. Not for a global war in my opinion, but for a global restructuring and it coincides with the Pluto return in the Revolutionary War chart (now it is in our consciousness I see that as less like to be replayed in actual terms of physical war.)

I am often asked, "When will things be okay?" or "When will things calm down?" I don't have a concise answer to these questions because they are subjective. Define "okay" and "calm"? We are in for a wild ride over the next decade, there will be a great deal of change and transformation. You personally can thrive and prosper even if it seems like the system is crumbling around us. That system, much like our infrastructure is in need of reform, and given the challenges of a global pandemic and climate change, it is my theory that humanity will have to rise to meet the challenge.

A Dash of the Unexpected: Uranus in Taurus

Uranus in Taurus remains until 2026, the last time Uranus was in Taurus was from 1934-1942. This is one of the other reasons may people believe we will enter into a global conflict. However, given the global nature of SarsCov2 (Covid), it is my belief that the global pandemic is humanity's conflict and agent for growth. Add in climate change and the need to innovate, I believe all nations will be embattled enough and unable to use international conflict as an excuse to avoid the necessary innovation. Now that Pluto IS in our awareness we are being forced to grow and evolve.

As we approach October 2021 and the immensely disruptive energy reflected in the astrology, there will be many in the spiritual community calling for the end of times, a global war, and there will be those claiming to feel big changes. Big changes are indeed on the horizon and there are many historic events on the way as well, but a global war or even civil war in the US are unlikely outcomes. The most likely are weather and supply chain disruptions as the fragile world economic begins to show the cracks of an imbalanced, unequal and flawed system. As the cracks widen things will accelerate, as weather increases to become more severe and infrastructure is impacted, the people will have to accept their agency and step up to the plate.

None of this is happening without due warning. As all things Uranus related, nothing comes out of the blue, it comes out of the intentionally ignorant or simply from oblivious. These changes have been heralded by scientists for decades. The one thing that is certain is that people cannot expect a single leader or expert to rise up to lead them, each of us must find our agency and then look for those like minded (more importantly like-hearted) people with whom we can collaborate in our day to day endeavors.

As we move closer to Pluto's ingress into Aquarius in 2024 the need to collectivize, communicate and work together to meet the challenges of the upcoming decades will be readily apparent. Holding on to the Mars driven world which did cause the wars, inequity, and destruction will lead to futile acts and folly.

Globally, one could say the age of Empires is at an end, it will take many decades to conclude, but if humanity is to take the next steps in it's evolution, Imperialism must end. End it will, not with a bang, but with a series of incidents that requires the whole of humanity to set aside the petty disagreements over dogma and partisanship. There will be turbulent times ahead, but within many of our lifetimes will see the fruit of cooperation born into a better future.

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Laurie Rivers
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