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Kaycee Felton-Lui

Professional Natal Astrologer

Professional astrologer and screenwriter who stumbled upon astrology on accident. Kaycee finds astrology as the best language in describing the complexity of how they experience life, relationships with other people, and existing here and now as a human being. Kaycee say's "Astrology has given me an incredible sense of connection and inspiration."

The goal of my astrology readings is to offer clients a deeper understanding of themselves—their strengths, challenges, life lessons, and spiritual gifts—in words that even those with no prior experience with astrology can enjoy and benefit from.

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"I just had a reading with Kaycee and WOW. I have never had someone get so deep inside my being, without even knowing me. She was spot on and brought up things that I have tuned out. My mind is still blown." 


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