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Laurie Rivers

Professional Mundane & Natal Astrologer

Host of The Awake Space Astrology Podcast, Laurie is a veteran astrologer with three decades of experience. Using a unique blend of traditional mundane technique with a progressive approach to interpretation and trauma informed communication skills, consultations with Laurie go beyond the expected in an astrology reading.

 She is a pioneer of Progressive Astrological interpretations and dedicated to moving astrology beyond societal binary norms.

She started her career as a political analyst and astrology slammed into her life during a crunchy Pluto transit in 1995.  Her uncanny accuracy in predicting weather, political events and economic conditions has attracted a global audience spanning 68 countries. 

Laurie continues to consult, teach and create practical astrology solutions that help people connect their spiritual and physical lives in meaningful ways while navigating the ever changing landscape of the 21st Century.

And she occasionally breaks into song...

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  1. Laurie, I just wanted to thank you about the heads up on the roof. They are doing it today, and a lot of the back roof plywood needed to be totally replaced. It was leaking for years. We were literally one more bad storm away from the roof going or causing major water damage inside. And it was the part of the roof that was over our bedrooms. Thank you so much again, it literally saved our lives. 

Kim. B

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