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Radical Shift: Solar Eclipse in Gemini June 10th

Eclipses always represent change, it's why the ancients weren't too thrilled to see them on the horizon. It usually meant something big that was hard to avert was coming, which usually put the astrologer themselves at risk. People never like bad news, and astrologers often were the ones bearing news...and when it was bad news, well it was bad for astrologers. In the case of eclipses, it's not always terrible news, but it's usually big change. Change itself isn't inherently bad, it is just part of the cycles of life. We're going to change, both internally and externally; in radical ways.

If the Lunar Eclipse of May was a massive release, the Solar Eclipse on June 10th is ushering in some radical new shifts. It's in the sign of Gemini, a mutable sign ruling thought, ideas, communication, and transportation. Gemini's ruling planet, Mercury, is currently retrograde shedding light on the need to revise, renew, refresh and reframe all of those subjects. On a mass consciousness level we're looking at what needs improvement, repair, and what needs to change. The eclipse will ensure that change happens, and that change will happen fast.

The Solar Eclipse happens at 19 degrees Gemini, so if you have placements ranging from 11 degrees to 27 degrees of Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo or Pisces you will "feel" this event with a little more emphasis. The closer to your placement(s) by degree the more you will "feel" this event. It's not about letting go, it's about getting ready for a maelstrom of change, ready or not. The lunar transits leading up to the event on June 10th are giving you hints of the subject matter. It's a crunchy ride heading to this Solar Eclipse, you're clearing the deck to make way for some radically new ways of thinking, communicating, traveling, writing, speaking and the house where Gemini falls gives you the clues to which area of life is most impacted. (See this blog post to understand the meanings of the houses.)

Remember, as much as these changes may feel big and radical, they've been brewing. You may have been working on new ways of seeing yourself, thinking about yourself, speaking to yourself, as you move on your healing journey. This Solar Eclipse is giving you a boost to take your self concept to a new level. This is a new moon (as are all Solar eclipses) and Gemini needs to speak through or write out their feelings to make sense of them. It's not true that Gemini's don't know how they feel, in fact I will argue Gemini's are merely good at acknowledging all of their feelings, but only after they sort through them. Having raised a child with 5 personal planets in Gemini, I can say he was rather good at expressing his feelings... "You hurt all my feelings except the bad ones..." He really said that as a 5 year old, notice the acknowledgement of all the feelings and the labeling of feelings into "good and bad"... Gemini energy isn't inconsistent, it's broad and needs to work things to gain clarity.

We're seeing a lot brew up the week before the eclipse. The Moon transiting Aries squaring both Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn forming an emotion filled t-Square. Then the Moon shifting into Taurus to meet up with Uranus in Square to Saturn Rx in Aquarius gives us a taste of the square mid June post eclipse (that's a big deal), and finally the Moon moves into Gemini where it conjuncts the transiting NN (our collective destiny) on the 9th before the Solar Eclipse at 4 am PDT/7am EDT on the 10th. It's like a portal to new consciousness is opening up, an opportunity to make radical shifts in perception, and on an individual level is this is a huge opportunity to make lasting change in how we see ourselves. On a collective level we will see a greater divide in what people believe to be right, true, moral and acceptable... the changes this sparks off will brew into bigger events in the coming months and years.

Before you accuse me of being glib, just know like the last eclipse, this one hits one of my natal placements within 3 degrees. I'm okay with that, I have an idea of what I'm looking at, I know it will be intense, after all astrologers are not immune to transits. This Solar Eclipse heralds a new era and the energy lasts about six months. I'm giving strategies for navigating this energy so you can surf this big Cosmic wave with ease over on Patreon.

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Random Magic
Random Magic
Aug 03, 2021

So glad to know you! Thank you 😊

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