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Mercury Retrograde: Jan 30-Feb 21

Mercury retrograde happens three times a year, the first round starts on January 30, 2021. Contrary to the internet memes and even the humor of this astrologer, Mercury retrograde is not the end of the world.

In fact, Mercury retrograde can be an amazing time to review, revisit and renew how we approach the area of life represented by the house in our natal chart Mercury is transiting. Beyond the sign Mercury is moving through (transit), the house will give the nitty gritty details about where you need to take a peek and maybe fix/address somethings that weren't as fleshed out as you thought.

Mercury Retrograde is an Important Time

There's nothing to fear or worry about with Mercury retrograde, regardless of what "pearls of wisdom" are shared on message boards and videos by less than experienced astrologers. Just like you cannot constantly run forward full sprint for days on end, so too in life we need to pause, rest, reflect and revise to improve or restore. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to review old agreements, do auto repair, take care of our tech, revamp websites, secure data, refresh passwords, and all the other "fun" maintenance we tend to overlook by living busy lives.

When Mercury is direct it takes on the quality of Gemini, quick, witty, inquisitive, curious, communicative. In retrograde motion, Mercury assumes the qualities of the other sign it rules, Virgo. This is why astrologers advise revisions, editing, repairs, reading the fine print or renegotiating existing agreements. The reason most people are annoyed with Mercury retrograde is they don't like being bothered by the details, being overly aware, or getting caught by overlooked important details. And most people means all of us depending on which sign Mercury is traveling through at the time of the retrograde.

In general, this astrologer adores Mercury retrograde periods. Slowing down to reorganize, revise, get things in order, communicate with nuance or more direct in an efficient manner. As with all things, perspective is extremely important in how you ride the cosmic waves. If there's a bump in the road, you get told "no" or have to go back to the drawing board, your attitude determines the next outcomes. If you decide it's all over, or everything sucks, or nothing good ever happens, you're setting yourself up for getting a whole lot of more bumps, "no", and might give up. However, if you take a minute and a few deep breaths, go back and look at what needs fixing or changed or reworked, you might find out you're actually catching a lucky break or having the opportunity to make things even better.

This Mercury retrograde happens in the sign of Aquarius, so we're looking at tech, organizations, online activities, inventions, innovative ideas etc. So, yup you want to have your data backed up, you want to go through your website or other tools for online marketing and give them a few tweaks. Make sure you have your electrical stuff in order be it home wiring, or rechargeable batteries, generators, smart phones, computers, and other devices in tip top shape or organized. Where Aquarius falls in your natal chart will also play a role in how you are personally impacted during the Mercury retrograde period.

If you want to know more about how your Mercury retrograde is going to go, you can head over to Patreon for the Rising Sign forecasts.

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1 Comment

Thank you Laurie. I appreciate you reminding me that I have choice in attitude instead of drawing rutted conclusions, in this Mercury Retrograde.

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