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Create Your Future Now: Full Moon August 2020

Conflict, discord, and tension are starting to boil over in the summer of 2020. You are witness to the first act of massive systemic change. In plain speak, even though the eyes of the world focus on the United States, the changes on the way are global. Any astrologer who focuses solely on the US political climate is myopic. We are facing unprecedented change as a global community.

In May, I cautioned against getting caught up in mounting tensions which are focused on warring rhetoric. (Read More About It Here) Thanks to Jupiter (rhetoric) retrograde dancing with Pluto (dissolution and transmutation) retrograde in Capricorn, both are now joined by Saturn as it retrogrades back for one last tango in it's home sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, it represents structure, authority and foundations, these three mighty celestial bodies moving in apparent retrograde (backwards) motion are showing all the cracks in the foundation of society. Authoritarianism will be called into question, and thanks to Mars in Aries, Authoritarianism is going to answer the question... loudly. It's only just started, the important point to remember is this: Massive systemic change is coming, these issues are symptoms of the deeper foundational issues and not causal. The important thing to note is that we are in the beginning phases of massive systemic change that will start to snowball in late February of 2021. Frankly, you need to keep your focus on your own future, because things are going to start getting very very real for everyone: Globally.

Full Moon Aquarius

August will see no respite from conflict, in fact, it will start with a bang with a full moon on August 3rd. Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius sit at 11 degrees in opposition making a t-square to Uranus in Taurus. The moon squaring off with the ruler of Aquarius is the lightning strike that starts wildfires.

In plain English, this is going to be a day of epiphanies and harsh truths. People may act out even more erratically than during a regular full moon. Tensions will be even higher and frankly "revolution" may be on the tips of people's tongues. The better plan would be to innovate and evolve, but when dealing with mass consciousness it's unlikely to be the route taken by the majority.

On a personal note, you can do yourself a favor and start practicing discernment and meditation. Mars in Aries is getting everyone's amygdalas worked up and that's causing conflict that will spin out of control before the year is out. Stay focused on building your projects, saving money, and getting ready for even more chaos heading into 2021. You do not have years to get ready, you have months.

It's okay to lean towards a side, but be conscious about it...what you have to understand is that it's an old battle and we're fighting with each other while a massive crisis looms in the distance. I know, right? As if the pandemic wasn't enough... but it's not going to get easier for several years. Take time to get your plans set for moving forward into a whole new world scene in the 2020s.

How to be Master of Your Own Destiny

Just going to say it, you don't have time to mess around. There is a global shift the likes humans haven't seen in over 4,000 years. This will impact everyone on the globe culturally, socially, politically and financially. If there was ever a worse time to fight, now is that time, however it's the mostly likely time for people to get caught up in the tensions and act out the energy at play. If you want to make it through the upcoming changes you have four months to really get solid and clear.

  1. Make sure you have basic life skills. Seriously.

  2. Ensure you have a social network offline that is relatively easy to live with/work with.

  3. Let go of needing status and recognition and hunker down and save, save, save. Just accrue as much savings and assets as you possibly can now, because it's going to get harder to do from February 2021 on.

  4. Look for innovative ways of living in community, family, socially and to create new ways to sustain yourself. You're going to have to think very differently in the years ahead.

Don't blame yourself for any losses that occur now or coming up, this is a HUGE time of change. The thing is we can assume we all chose to live in this time, because we're here in this time. You have talents, skills and lessons you chose to bring to the table. Learning how to read your own chart is a great skill to have, or make sure you grab a reading from a professional astrologer.

If you want to get info on how to read your own chart, sign up for my newsletter. Normally I charge to teach how to read a chart, but things are serious. Sign up today to get the basics delivered to your inbox, because literally the clock is ticking.

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Laurie Rivers
Laurie Rivers
Jul 29, 2020

Thank you!!


Woooow I love your blog !!!


That is great to hear! Resilience is so much easier when you know it's temporary. Thank you for answering.


Laurie Rivers
Laurie Rivers
Jul 29, 2020

Oh we can see long past 2025. Things are changing, and for the better in the long term, it’s just going to be uncomfortable getting there.


Is there any indication in the charts what the outcome will be post 2025?

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