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Time to Create Your VIsion: New Moon in Pisces

Mark your calendars for two very special days, March 12th and 13th.

On March 12th the Moon is kissing Venus making it the perfect day to let go of any reservations when it comes to making your visions a reality.

Venus in Pisces encourages us all to dream and allow ourselves to receive a little more than we normally allow ourselves to accept. It's a great time to daydream and feel into the things that bring us peace, love, and acceptance. It is not a time to be bound by reality or realistic ideas of what is the "smart" or right thing to do, it's all about boundless desire.

March 12th is our personal workshop to prepare for the mighty powerful New Moon on the 13th which is a powerful time to manifest dreams into reality.

Before you rush off buying lottery tickets to win it big, understand that we are constantly co-creating (manifesting) our reality. As neuroscience has shown, our perceptions shape our reality. Events and situations merely are until we assign them a value. It's why you can have a 100 people experience an event and gain 100 different stories. Have you ever sat in a crowded space just people watching? As one person races late for a meeting the stress of their world is palpable, another person might be dawdling and noticing the butterflies playing on spring flowers, a couple might be fighting and breaking up, while another couple might be declaring their love for the first time. Each person experiencing reality in a unique and different way, some might resonate close enough to declare it a shared experience, others might be alone in their moment. Manifesting deliberately takes practice and understanding your innate ability to shift your perceptions.

There is no amount of affirmations or word play to shift your reality of loss, pain, lack or worry if you are merely offering mouth music, it just doesn't work that way. That's why some skeptics make fun of the "power of positive thinking". Yet, we have evidence from neuroscience that complaining hurts the brain (and body), and evidence from all manner of science that resistance free acceptance and care (love) boosts immunity, health, longevity and overall quality of life. So the key to deliberate (on purpose) manifestation is learning how to release resistance and move into a more allowing or receptive state. It's easy to say these words, but learning how to be less resistant after a lifetime of conditioning to think in resistant terms or hold our physical bodies in a resistant state makes it quite the process.

This is why the 12th is a big day, Venus is the planet which governs all things receptive and magnetic, Pisces rules the flow state which is essential for healing, creation and reception. What we do on the 12th magnifies the creative force we exude on the 13th New Moon, and New Moons are always about planting seeds.

A thing about planting seeds... So, detractors of manifestation will say "I saw you put out your intentions on that day, but nothing happened!" Um... yeah Dilbert, that's because it's seed planting. You don't plant seeds and expect them to germinate, grow and flower overnight, same with New Moon intentions or rituals. What is planted takes time to mature, it can mature faster when we are in a more receptive space, but still some things take time no matter what, that's part of living life on this planet.

With the Moon and Venus in Pisces we have two great boons assisting us plant healthy hearty seeds and allow our dreams to manifest. As Saturn is in Aquarius it's helping us bring our inspiration into crystalized (physical) form and that separating square to Uranus in Taurus is allowing for the disruption of old patterns and ideas about what it means to be secure. Times are a changin, it's the dreamers and weavers of their own fate who stand to win the day long term.

To help you learn more about being in the receptive state or understand deliberate manifestation, I'm hosting a special Coffee with Laurie on Sunday March 7th, I'll work with you to understand how to feel into the resistance, how to identify it, let it go and know when you feel receptive, we'll discuss the best practices for making the most out of the Pisces New Moon.

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Random Magic
Random Magic
Mar 09, 2021

Yep- Time to live in town and develop my website and my workshops. I’m so glad to read this as I decided yesterday to come back to town. I will still be close enough to somebody to do some hiking. However now is the time to find a new stream of income and I have to be online and with Wi-Fi in order to create that. Thank you so much for your inspiration and your endless knowledge👍😊💕🧘‍♂️🙌

Laurie Rivers
Laurie Rivers
Mar 09, 2021
Replying to

So glad you’re finding this helpful

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