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Mercury In Aries: A Time For Strategic Plans

As many in the world prepare to celebrate Easter, the planet Mercury makes it's ingress into Aries. April 3 at 11:30 am Pacific Time, the ruler of thought, ideas and communication moves out of the esoteric and etheriel sign of Pisces into the active and impulse driven sign of Aries.

On a worldly level we can expect those who are governed by instinct to be more reactive in their thoughts, words and deeds. Think it and do it without thought is what is most likely to those who haven't taken time to cultivate or master their mental energy. You can expect more people darting into traffic, driving erratically, head on collisions, transportation issues, arsons of all kinds, and words that cause fights if you're watching the news.

On an individual level this is the time to work on mastering your own thoughts and turning to strategic planning. Yes, Aries is the God of War, and yet no war is won without strategy. Modern astrologers are often ill studied at the finite details of what the ancients were well aware. War is strategic and not every battle is won through brute force. Remember the Trojan Horse and you will have the quintessential energy of of the mid range mental form of Mercury in Aries. The highest form is more akin to Sun Tsu's wisdom in the Art of War where all things are strategy, a mental dance, a way to move with the energy versus against it.

Whereas, there will be more impulse towards aggression, there is no need. Think of the Sun Dew which grows strategically and is prepared naturally to meet it's objective. So too, are you. The collective energy will be strong, but you are more than able to ride a different wave.

Thoughts are waves, waves of energy which you can master. If you're a member of my Patreon, download the meditation audio to help you connect to your inner knowing and to shift your mental energy from reactive to responsive. It's not an overnight ordeal, it takes daily practice. During Mercury in Aries season, this is the time to hone your greatest tool: Your Mind.

Did you know that the sign and house Mercury resides in your natal chart governs how you intuit information from both the ether and the collective? You can discover more on April 7th at the interactive event, Written in the Stars a Big Night Out Event hosted by students at Ryerson University. Admission is FREE - Join Us by clicking the link to Eventbrite!

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