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Busting Through Crystal Walls: Saturn Square Uranus

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

February will see historic change occur around the globe (not just in the USA). 2020 was the great detonation at the base of outmoded cultural and social order. 2021 sees the walls crumble, bricks and windows fall to the ground. Witnessing January's "surprise Mother-f'ers" on all counts gave us the general tone for the year.

February we will witness the consequences of failure to make adequate change when it comes to the general well being of the people over the past few centuries. This is indeed a kind of revolution, but it appears to be taking a more mental and technical bend. This is not an ending energy, but it is the beginning of the end of the old order of might makes right, winner takes all, betters and lessers, kings and peasants. The final results won't be in for years, but we will see some historic moves as the people slam a collective fist into the systems designed to oppress. It's not just WSB, you will see student movements against higher education, collectives form to meet social needs, and more people coming together to meet immediate economic needs.

All last year, I cautioned you to stay focused on you and what you wanted in your future and to find those you could collaborate with, if you haven't found your people yet, now is a very good time. You will need them in the coming years.

The first Saturn-Uranus Square of 2021

If 2020 had the ringing of gongs, 2021 sees a celestial sledgehammer pounding the facade of "the system." Here's the good news, if you've struggled with finances or job security most of your life, things won't get worse necessarily. But if you've been greedy, power hungry, or made your livelihood off the backs of others at their expense, let's just say, you won't be so comfortable. The game is changing and the "way the world works" isn't working any more. Adapt or fail is the theme of the next few years. If you're used to having to wing it, you're golden.

February 17th sees the first of 3 Saturn-Uranus squares and the first is a doozy.February sees a conga line of planets in the unpredictable sign of Aquarius. The symbolism couldn't be more clear. Saturnand Uranus co-rule the sign of innovation, adaptation, innvention, chaos for the sake of order, revolution and collectivism, having the two heavy hitters at odds from Taurus to Aquarius is like watching the legendary Pokemon, Bouffalant go head to head with Optimus Prime. (Can't think of better symbolism). The shock waves will be massive and the crystal wall separating the "Us" from the "Them" will be cracked beyond repair, but the structures will hold for a while longer.

Leading up to the 17th there's some interesting action as Mercury is retrograde and heading back to the rest of the planets getting ready to rumble up against Uranus in Taurus. Uranus in Taurus has been weakening the systems since it landed in the sign in 2019. Change is inevitable just with that placement. But have mercy with this February line up... Nothing favors the status quo.

Venus Enters Aquarius 2/1/2021

This version of the Goddess is reminding us that things get stale quick if we don't switch up our game and that includes in how we make our money. Venus is not just the Goddess of Beauty and Love, she rules desire which includes material goods. She's going to give those who use the internet a little bit of favor. She joins the conga line of planets in Aquarius just in time to get into the fray making 6 celestial bodies lined up and ready for action.

Saturn is already 1 degree away from the exact square at the time of this writing, meaning expect markets and land to be volatile. There will be more strange weather, more odd sink holes or landslides, and commercial real estate takes even more hits. Expect the housing market to start to jiggle as well in early February.

Jupiter is in a tight square with Mars in Taurus so markets and jobs are going to be feeling the tension. If Wallstreet thinks the retail investors are going to panic, they're wrong. But then again they don't understand people not being afraid to lose. This also means that profits and losses will both look extreme, depending on your personal chart this can mean a lot of things for you. Breathe deep and look at where you can innovate for your income needs.

So the line up looks like this: Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus and Mars in Taurus. The Moon will influence things on a day to day as it trines from Libra, squares from Scorpio, Sextiles from Sagitarrius, Trines Uranus and Mars from Capricorn (not quite the help the establishment needs, they're going to take quite a hit that day) and then joins Saturn on the 10th of Feb to push those faults in the Crystal wall of the system.

On the 17th, the moon rests with Uranus as the exact square to Saturn takes place and it's going to be wild. Expect everything from economic lava flows to earthquakes to just out right crazy news. Though, any more our tolerance for "wtf?" is pretty high, this will still get our collective attention.

If I had one key word for February, it would be Volatility. I will be forecasting over on Patreon and on TikTok (Instagram, too) to ensure you have the most up to date info to help you navigate this wild world.

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