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Astrology of Hurricanes: Katrina and Ida

Tiktok viewers requested that I do a comparison of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Ida. There are only 3 minutes to try to explain the complexity of the comparison, which is not enough time to give accurate info that cannot be misconstrued.

There are unfortunate comparisons, and yet the two storms are different, both are devastating. Make no mistake Ida will be the historic storm that it is being claimed to be by meteorologists.

Before there are comments about why people don't evacuate, please do understand that there are many factors besides a stubborn desire to stay. There are economic factors which include the inability to afford to leave, there are mobility issues, and we are also in a pandemic there are people who simply cannot leave. So before you blame people who are in harms way, please take a moment to think. It's a better use of energy to say a prayer or be prepared to donate to those impacted once this blows through, and it will.

To those living in the Gulf states, my heart goes out to you. I am sure there won't be much sleep tonight, as you know the storm can change course. I believe Ida may change course, it doesn't mean New Orleans won't get hit, by there is a possibility that this storm might slide or switch directions "last minute." If your spidey senses are up, pay attention.

Chart Comparison

Credit: AstroDatabank

Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf States 16 years ago, most notable was the damage in New Orleans, however the whole of the Gulf Coast was impacted. The chart above is for the landfall.

  • Sun 1st House: With the Sun in the first house, this was a powerful storm, Virgo is Mercury ruled, and though Virgo is an Earth Sign, this means there is wind and earth involved. Hurricanes spell tornadoes, water spouts and erosive events. In opposition to Uranus in Pisces, this showed a surprising amount of water involved with the event. Everything from the storm surge to the flooding of New Orleans was more than expected.

  • Mercury 12th House: Mercury in Leo in the 12th house meant warm wind, notice the sextile to Venus conjunct Jupiter. This meant the wind picked up hard towards land and it was extreme causing massive amounts of property damage and loss of life. Mercury in the 12th also shows that there was a policy of acceptable losses in play from authority figures.

  • Mercury in the 12th is trine Pluto in the fourth house, this is unrestricted devastation exacerbated by political inaction or policy makers (Pluto in Sagittarius). Pluto in the 4th House shows a massive loss of life from an extreme event. (This is MUNDANE astrology not personal astrology, please do not equate this to your personal chart. It is not the same thing.)

  • Saturn in Leo in the 12th: Saturn was almost exactly opposite of where Saturn is in transit to today (6 degrees Aquarius), the difference is Saturn was direct in 2005. Saturn in the 12th house meant that even if authorities wanted to do something, there was nothing they could do. It also shows there was hidden knowledge of infrastructure issues ahead of the storm.

  • Moon in Cancer 11th House: This is massive amounts of water flooding communities, it is trine Jupiter in Pisces in the 7th House. Jupiter in the 7th in Pisces brought huge storm surges and shows levees failing. After Katrina there was a lot of talk about who knew what about the levees in New Orleans and the known defects that led to failure of infrastructure.

  • Mars in Taurus 9th House: Mars was at 15 degrees Taurus, it was square Neptune. This is energy that packs a punch, it also speaks volumes in regards to the issues is houses, neighborhoods and destruction of seawalls, levees and other earthen structures.

Estimated Chart - Not Exact

Until we get closer to landfall we don't know exactly where Ida will land to make a chart. To offer a comparison, I am estimating landfall at around 6 am based on the estimate by the national weather service of the potential of hitting New Orleans by 8 am.

Technically we don't know what house the planets will fall into. So I can't really make an accurate prediction based on location. However, I can say what has me nervous:

  • Jupiter is in Aquarius and it is in a very wide square to Uranus in Taurus. Normally I wouldn't count a 12 degree orb ( I didn't reset the orbs to my liking before I grabbed the chart)... But note in the Katrina Chart we had Neptune in Aquarius... Jupiter is the traditional ruler of all things Neptunian. So this is big wind, really big wind and it's packing a lot of lightening.

  • Neptune is in Pisces - this means any storms offshore will become bigger faster and make for massive storm surges. Mercury and Mars are in opposition to Neptune, this is a heck of a lot of energy. Once the storm hits land, we're going to see tornadoes of a sizeable nature, extreme rain, hail, and destructive amounts of water. Hospitals are at the top of my mind in this, because of the Covid situation in the Gulf States.

  • Venus in Libra is square Pluto in Capricorn. We will see even more failed infrastructure and buildings in this storm than we did in Katrina. Even if there is less wind, and I don't think there will be, I see this storm being more destructive.

  • Saturn in Aquarius: Saturn is almost exactly opposite where Saturn was during Katrina, this time it's retrograde. Authorities this time have their hands tied. Regardless of policy or plan, they cannot take action to make a difference. A good example is that the hospitals are already full, they cannot empty hospitals and it will be very difficult to improvise field hospitals.

  • The Moon in Taurus is squaring Jupiter and trine Pluto in Capricorn, this is one of the more dangerous aspects in this chart. There will be massive damage to the shoreline, houses, and an unprecedented amount of property damage. There is a very high possibility for a mass casualty event.

There's a lot of energy behind this storm, and it could switch up direction "suddenly". If you live in the Gulf States please be prepared for multiple weeks of clean up and repair, this is a big storm. Be safe and well. Understand that post storm there will be a lot of debris, disrupted wildlife, and water will be polluted and toxic.

Areas not in the immediate path of the hurricane will see tornadoes, lightning, big rain and hail, high winds, and events that cause erosion or road failures. There could be infrastructure damage which includes highways and bridges. There will be major power outages and powerplant issues, dams will be threatened as will water treatment systems. Beware of flashfloods and falling trees, as well as frightened displaced wildlife, livestock and pets.

(Edited to add: Other potential issues, oil and gas leaks, spills, and fires.)

For the rest of the country, we may see data outages, communication disruptions, and this storm may begin a bigger disruption to the fragile supply chain.

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