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Astrology 101: The Story of The Houses

The Houses in a Natal Chart tell a remarkable story, and in your own chart it tells your story. Your astrology chart is the 2D snapshot of the the 3D slice of crystalized time and space known as you. The houses tell the story of the unfolding consciousness of a human being and shows how all aspects of life are intertwined. (To Book a Reading CLICK HERE)

Here is the most beautiful story ever told: the story of you.

FIRST HOUSE is the moment you become aware that you are a separate entity from other (Mother). In this moment you realize you have a physical body and you are alone in an often hostile world. The first house governs your physical body, how you present yourself in the world especially with those not in your inner circle, and it indicates how you assert or defend yourself from real and perceived threat. It is not a mask, because masks are donned with intent. This is the you formed out of subconscious reaction to experiencing the great illusion of separation and your genetic lineage. This is the first step in our journey as a human, experiencing the great illusion of separation in our I AM nature.

As an individual you have needs to keep the physical being alive, these range from food, water and shelter to being held. The SECOND HOUSE governs these needs which much be fulfilled in order to sustain the FIRST HOUSE. The reason this is considered the house of love and money, is because humans seek both in order to feel secure. As an infant being touched and held is as essential to healthy development as mother's milk. It's this feeling of being held we are constantly seeking, we each interpret the feeling of security through the sign on the second house. When it comes down to it money and love are merely symbols for the feeling of security, they give us the options we need to be secure.

To meet our needs in order to remain an individual in a human body we must communicate, which is represented by the THIRD HOUSE. This is where we speak, write, move about our neighborhoods and run our errands. It is through ideas and movement which assist us in gaining us what we need (Second House) in order to sustain our individual self (FIrst House). How we go about these activities is governed by the sign on the third house cusp. It is the beginning of understanding that though we feel separate, there are others to whom we must speak and visit with in order to gain that which we need.

This understanding of other, and our reliance on them, is further developed in the FOURTH HOUSE. It is our family, the foundation of our emotional development, where our security is either nurtured or not. It shows who cared (or didn't) for us as children, what family issues are most prevalent in our consciousness, or the unconscious insecurities which were formed in early childhood. It is also where we make the decision of what home means to us and how we prefer to remain sheltered from both the emotional and physical elements of life. It is home that forces communication with other, to meet the needs or the individual.

As an individual who interacts with other, in order to feel secure, we have the urge to self express, to be seen and heard, to let our light shine, this is represented by the FIFTH HOUSE. It is where we risk rejection in all things from creating art to performance, to dating and procreating. It is the house of speculation and gambling as much as procreation and playfulness. It is from these space we begin to expand beyond our family of origin in order to interact with other in a species imperative to procreate. Our creations be they art or poems, spoken word or children, playful games or dating, fall here in our need to connect to build a home or hearth of our own at some point. It is where we make ourselves open to rejection and face insecurity in order to form new bonds and secure our own hearth, where will communicate to meet our needs to secure our individual self.

We see how our fate is linked to the fate of other in the SIXTH HOUSE, our health impacts the health of others and vice versa. What impacts my neighbor impacts me, and so I turn to service, offering aid or healing or receiving when I fall ill, because as a group we impact one another. In order to make our daily life more amenable, we must plan and have routines, including finding ways to gain our daily bread (work). It is for this reason the sixth house is known as the house of work, health and service. It is where our individual consciousness begins to recognize others in a more stabilizing way. Knowing that at one turn we are the healer and at the next we must accept healing.

Our interior relationship with our I AM is limited in scope until we interrelate on an intimate level with other. Thus the SEVENTH HOUSE is where we meet those rare individuals with whom we share agreements and commitment. This could be marriage, but it is also partnership in the form of the closest friends and business partners. It is in these relationships we are tested and grow to understand ourselves from the perspective of other. We may have few or many in a lifetime, and it through these we gain a new understanding of self.

These intimate relationships cause us to transform, call it an alchemy of spirit or self. The

EIGHTH HOUSE governs all which transforms our nature as an individual. We change through experiencing the loss of those we love or to whom we are commitment, we inherit both physical goods (or not) and genetic traits (even socio-cultural behaviors), and we share resources from this space. To further understand our transformation we begin to explore the depths and seek the hidden mysteries and attempt to make sense of the experience called life through the intense transforming energies of the eighth house.

The understandings of the eighth house lead us to expose our beliefs about life, spirit, morality and the universe in the NINTH HOUSE. We expand our understanding of the world through experiences unavailable in our early home life. This is where we might leave the village for the big city or go to the halls of higher learning or discover theology and law, it is here we find our lectern and pulpit. We both learn and teach, our desire to offer a legacy is often expressed through the energy of the ninth house.

In our human experience we must butt up against authority. Found in the TENTH HOUSE, the first being the traditional role of Father, though in the modern era it is the authoritative parent. We learn what it is to have power and how to interact with power through the tenth house. It is how we show up to meet authority both through our calling (some say career) and deal with figures who might oversee us, to how we wield power ourselves as an authority. As much as the fourth house is our interior life, the tenth house represents our exterior life and how we perform our responsibilities and meet our ambitions in the world.

None of us succeeds alone, there is no such thing as a self made person. It is the ELEVENTH HOUSE we find our supporters and networks who help us attain our hopes and aspirations. These are often beyond our blood relations and represent a wider community, these can be friends and colleagues who assist (or do not) in our process of attaining our worldly power (ambition/goals.)

Our dreams (or nightmares/blocks) are birthed in the TWELFTH HOUSE. It is here where we can find ourselves connected to the All That Is or find ourselves feeling cut off, alone and anxious. The suffering associated with the twelfth house is due to our entrenched belief that we are alone in this world and cannot see our great co-creative powers. When we can walk through the dark night of the soul and surrender our stubborn belief in the apparent reality surrounding us we can then connect to our natural birthright of being a creative spark of divine creation (how ever you choose to describe it). We either continue to believe in the illusion of separation or we rise up in understanding that we are an expression of the divine in human form. And it is from there which we raise in our conscious understanding of Self as found in the first house and our I AMness evolves.

We have the opportunity to experience this journey as long as we live as the moon and sun journey around our Natal Chart triggering each house and the planets (aspects) therein allowing us opportunity after opportunity to evolve and gain understanding in our human experience.

This is the story I love to tell as I interpret and communicate your natal chart, how you are and how you can become as you travel through life on your human journey.

To book a session to hear your story or make sense of your story, book a session with Laurie.

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Random Magic
Random Magic
09 mars 2021

This is great! If this makes things so much easier to learn thank you so much for sharing this. gives me something to refer back-and-forth to. I love sycrodestiny- that’s how I found you and it has been such an amazing meeting with you. Unbelievably gifted and accurate. Your production values are beautiful. You’re writing funny and gets to the point. You are really really the real deal and doing so well in so many different media platforms👏👏👏👏💯💯💯💖😊  You are a great inspiration to me.

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