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Aquarius New Moon: A Bright Moment In The Chaos

February 11th sees an uncommonly good bit of fortune as Venus and Jupiter meet in a dance of fair chance as the Moon and Sun connect for form the Aquarius New Moon. This is a strangely illuminated new start.

New moons are always dark, there is no light bearing from Luna, which is why they signify the beginning of things. You have hopes, dreams, aspirations, but no idea of the outcome. This New Moon has an energized illumination, like plasma glowing through the velvet background of time and space. The two benefics, Venus and Jupiter meet in the sky reigning down heavenly favor.

It's worth the poetic words. It's worth allowing your mind to wander into the cosmos and put feelers out for the potential opportunities that await humanity. This cosmic wave bears good tidings should we open our hands to receive. That of course is up to you, if you want to keep your hands closed, by all means, feel free, you don't need to accept the blessings coming your way.

Each of us is being given an opportunity to move forward, to innovate, to revolutionize our lives in some way. To allow ourselves to slide off the mental chains of our own making and realize our creative strength. Our minds are the great forge from which our thoughts are born, thoughts become things. If you have negative thought habits, on February 10th you have the chance to notice how these hinder you. It could be outright uncomfortable or even appear to be a loss of sorts. Instead of focusing on the apparent reality, take stock of what part your mind played in the matter and be ready to shift your course. Venus and Jupiter will open the gates to a new way forward, all you have to do is catch the glimmers in the corner of your eye and pay attention.

The good luck could be physical, or an epiphany, it could be something or someone showing up, whatever it is for you (the area of life impacted by the transit as shown by house) is part of you creating your new start. Whether you buy a lotto ticket or not, it's up to you, but it's not a bad day for games of chance. Beyond that literal translation of the astrological symbolism, it's time to assess what feels risky to you.

Sometimes it might feel like a gamble to speak to a certain someone, or apply for a new job, or start a new enterprise, enter an art show, or even just put yourself out there in social media. Whatever feels like a gamble to you emotionally will most likely show up some positive results.

For example: Back in 2006 I was making artisan handspun yarn, crazy luxurious and often decked out in crystals and semi-precious stones (or feathers), I didn't like the online auction scene and took a risk. At the time I was terrified, I was not clear about the outcome or how things would turn out. I decided to create my own eCommerce website to sell my own creations. I spent under $100 on the hosting and software, but my heart thumped as if I spent $100,000. Why?

I didn't know how to build a website (yet), I didn't have a good internet connection (I was on dial-up that barely worked when it rained and I lived in Washington State). I had to learn HTML, I had to figure out the stupid PayPal buttons, I have to take half way decent photos of yarn and I am NOT great at photography (I have very poor eyesight). You see the risk wasn't the amount of money... the risk was in doing something way out of my comfort zone.

Did it work? Kind of. I made some money, but money wasn't the biggest reward. That led me down a path to other ventures, gave me a mad set of skills and basically is what led me to writing this post on this blog. (That thankfully I did NOT have to code.)

That's the type of gamble I'm talking about, if you shoot your shot you'll carve a future forward path that WILL reap rewards. It's okay if it's not entirely clear. Though I bet on Tuesday you'll have some kind of decision making moment that WILL help you at the very least know what you don't want in your life anymore. When you know what you don't want, you DO know what you DO want. If you're tired of working hard for little return, you want to be compensated better or you want to put in less effort for more return. If you're tired of being taken for granted, you want to be appreciated. If you're tired of being silenced, you want to be free to use your voice. On Tuesday, put your focus on what YOU do want and on Wednesday you will most certainly gain an opportunity.

The best news is you can't really screw up on the 11th. It's a rare day when pretty much everyone gets a lucky break. Whether it's a miraculous save or a close call, a new start, an opportunity or the golden ticket, everyone has a shining moment of opportunity. The key with opportunity is that you have to be ready to take it. Closed hands can't catch, so if you're focusing on what's gone wrong or who did you wrong, or what won't ever be right, you have closed hands.

I'm not telling you to bypass feelings or situations or forgive the rat bastards, I am telling you that there is a rare opportunity that if you change your focus for a brief shining moment in the scheme of the Cosmos you will be granted a boon. (A boon is a treasure or gift.)

My greatest wish is that each and every one of you has your bucket out and is ready to receive a lovely blessing to help you co-create your best possible outcomes.

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