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Practical, Pragmatic, Progressive

Real Astrology, For Real People

Who is this chick?

Crushing the Patriarchy Starts Within

Laurie Rivers has over 3 decades of professional astrological consultative experience enhanced by certifications in strength based facilitation models, business and life coaching.

My approach to astrology doesn't throw out traditional astrological interpretations, it recognizes that our society and culture evolves and grows. We operate from a range of emotional and conscious states of mind, helping people understand their own individual rhythm and flow with life is my purpose and passion.

I look forward to guiding you on your life's journey as your astrologer, mentor, and guide.

Astrology Readings
& Resources

The Astrologers

Laurie Rivers has made it her mission to train and mentor highly skilled astrologers to assist people in navigating their life's journey through the next decade and beyond.


Each astrologer has spent countless hours observing, studying and reading charts.  This is our way of helping people surf the cosmic tide well into the 21st Century.

Online Community

Having a safe space to learn, grow, experience and ask questions is essential to the learning process. Join our community for connection and greater understanding

You can find out more by going to

Fun, Experiential Workshops

Learning astrology can be a brain melting experience, that's why Laurie has created fun live workshops (always recorded for reference) to help people gain mastery over their understanding of their natal chart (and their loved ones) whether they are learning for personal enrichment or  with an eye to being a pro.



"Laurie always puts things into context that makes sense to me, my life and my situation. The information is always in bite sized and usable chunks. I love the evolutionary part of it, how she addresses me as I am now and the work I've done to grow as a person."

Kirsten Sogge, Transformation Coach

Kirsten Sogge

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