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Conscious Communication

As Within, So Without

So You're Woke. Now what?

Who is this chick?

I've made it my mission to figure out this ride called life. I learned a long time ago there's no real separation between heaven and earth. The problem is, the system was designed to lead you away from your own inner wisdom. 
As the world awakens from a deep slumber, it's time to gain control of your free will. That's what teach. How to access your inner gifts, how to dodge life's curveballs and navigate life in the new paradigm. 
A new paradigm needs a new conversation. get ready to be more than woke.
(Oh, yeah. I'm an astrologer who specializes in communicating the horoscope in plain language so it's actually useful.)

Moving The Narrative Forward 

Communicating the Chart For The New Paradigm


Evolving the Astrological Conversation


Your Guide

Here at the Awake Space, Laurie Rivers is your guide when it comes to learning how to communicate astrology in a way that makes sense.

Rivers has been a practicing astrologer for over 3 decades and brings her background in sociology, anthropology and human behavior into the frame to help evolve the astrological narrative into the 21st Century.

Our Course Benefits


Online Community

Having a safe space to learn, grow, experience and ask questions is essential to the learning process. Join our community for connection and greater understanding.


Fun, Experiential Workshops

Let's face it, even though life can be serious, learning needs to be fun. I keep things bite sized, fun sized and easily applied in daily living.


"Laurie always puts things into context that makes sense to me, my life and my situation. The information is always in bite sized and usable chunks. I love the evolutionary part of it, how she addresses me as I am now and the work I've done to grow as a person."

Kirsten Sogge