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Intermediate Astrology 2024

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Venus ♎️ 12H

When she was a young girl she thought only girls with blond or brunette hair were pretty. Certainly not a redhead. Redheads could not be pretty. She felt different and different was bad wasn't it. She was told she was ugly. She was stupid. She was bullied and teased. So she kept her head down and her mouth shut and went about life.

As she got older things started to change for her. She felt better about who she was becoming. She kinda liked herself. Kinda. I mean let's not get crazy.

Adulthood happened. It was ok. Married young cuz that's what they told you to do. Worked. Lived. Years passed, child came, therapy happened and so did a divorce. It seemed like things were finally really going well for what feels like the first time ever. She felt good about herself...or so she thought.

Pandemic. Everything upside down. Sideways. Crazy. She looked for solace and found the clock app and on this new clock app she came upon this woman. Her age or close and she was talking about astrology. Always being interested in it she liked the message this woman was giving out. Patreon and discord and years later she started taking classes and learning so much more about herself than she ever dreamed. She learned about her Venus 12H Libra and realized that for all these years she didn't love herself like she should. She now knew how self deprecating she had been to herself and it was time to stop. She has started , as her teacher so eloquently put, to re-clothe her Venus. She has taken off those ratty old worn out clothes and has put on bright new sparkly shiny ones. Ones that make her believe she is good enough. Awesome enough and she has started to appreciate herself and know she has value. Not just giving it lip service but feeling it!

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