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What Makes You Feel Alive?

The New Moon in Leo on August 18th came on the heels of Uranus turning retrograde. normally the New Moon is strongest for 3 days, but this one will carry energy for another six months. You have an opportunity to self describe and define how it is you will show up for yourself in the coming weeks and months. New moons are a time to plant seeds for the future, the sign of the moon determines the area of life. Leo is about self expression and that which we create from within our nature. We're entering the end of 2020, all of our lives have been transformed in unfathomable ways.

From changes in lifestyle, jobs, education, life plans put on hold or fully derailed, there's not one person on the planet unaffected by the Pandemic. Here's the deal, whether it was the Pandemic or something else, this was always going to be a time of great and enduring change. The more you try to hold on to what was, or what what supposed to be, the harder moving forward into the future will be. Nothing will ever be the same again, but that doesn't mean it's all going to be horrible. Things will be changed, vastly different to any previous experience you've had and so too how approach life. Even though the new moon has passed, you can still set intentions on what you want for yourself, Leo is lofty aspirations. Too often we go to the surface level without, talking the spotlight, fame and fortune. When really, Leo wants to be loved. How do you to be loved and be love, because going forward understanding how you meet your needs to be seen, felt and heard are essential.

It isn't going to be your job, or your career, or even the great love by someone else that makes or breaks each of us going forward. The seeds to plant moving forward are about creating things and experiences that make you feel alive without the insecurities of needing someone else to see you. You need to see you.

If you're like 80% of the world, you've over defined with what you do and what you know to give your life meaning. To make the most of the times coming through the end of the year, now is the time to find yourself or at least excavate to the heart of you and know what makes you feel good and alive.

You have a divine spark, and now is the time to turn that spark into a warming ember.

Take time to get quiet, feel past the restrictions in life, and find something simple to focus on that brings you joy. Find the little things that matter, these are the things that bring a smile, make you laugh, or help you lighten the mood when all feels overwhelming.

What should have always been taught in school is self examination, not with an eye to critique yourself, but from a position of understanding what brings you life and what depletes you. Now, you need to know these are, because your future depends on it, you need to know which relationships, connections and activities enliven you and which deplete you. The old way of staying too busy to notice is at an end, now you must self describe and self define what it is that makes you shine.

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