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Truth, Justice, & Systems Failure: Jupiter & Pluto Conjunct

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Too often people assign all illusion to Neptune, leaving out half of Jupiter’s playbook. The Great Benefic is usually sold as fortune, opportunity and good luck. If you get down to brass tacks, Jupiter rules perceived truth and justice, philosophy and religion, law and higher education. Jupiter rules belief. far more than Neptune.

Jupiter is about the rules of society that need to be enforced by Saturn. These rules are mutable, expandable and change as society evolves. Luck and fortune, opportunity and success boil down to how you perceive the situations. What we are witnessing as Jupiter is retrograde is a collective examination of lack of opportunity, unjust enforcement, and political machinations of parties vying for approval from the people. In dogma, there are illusions which masquerade as truth, and it’s Important to know what’s really your truth in times of unprecedented change.

Not everyone is choosing to reflect, remember Jupiter is about belief, perceived truth, which is why it rules religion. Warring rhetoric will increase as different sides show the facts as they know them, butting ideologies is fanning the flames of the cauldron. This conflict will increase, fueled by belief and it is a necessary part of the paradigm shift which is in full swing.

Jupiter meets Pluto a second time on June 30th for the second bang on the Gong of Change. After the solstice eclipse, with Venus (values/ideals) direct, and Mars in Aries, the collective cauldron will be boiling.

What does this mean for you? You are the microcosm and by taking charge of your conscious expression you really can impact the world.

Look to the house which hosts Capricorn from 20 degrees to the end of the sign. Know that these transits are changing things for everyone on the planet, life as we have known it is indeed ending, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s up to the individual to craft and create a better reality, and you do that by looking at your chart & choosing to evaluate what beliefs (Jupiter Rx) are holding you back from actualizing your purpose.

1st House: It’s probably a rough ride right now for late Capricorn Rising people. It may feel like everything you believed to be true about your place in the world is crumbling. Identity is crumbling and you are being faced with the test of being out of control. Once Jupiter goes direct you will have the opportunity to try out new ways of stepping out into the world, until then pay attention to any positive gains those are the clues to future forward movement.

2nd House: Stability is hard to find out in the external world right now. It’s been that way for a few years, and now you’re questioning what it means to have stability at all. Opportunity shows up, then poof, it’s gone, then it teases you again. What if stability comes from within? What if the traditional means weren’t really as permanent as you were told? Change your beliefs around how you can be secure and you’ll end up on your feet just fine. Save, save, save as much as you can during this time.

3rd House: Speaking your truth right now is likely to end up in high tension wars. Remember to check your facts, check your sources before entering into ideologically heated debates. “My way or the highway“ attitudes will meet massive resistance. Are your ideals yours or are they adopted by default or from socio-cultural programming? Sort this out now and you’ll be in better shape by the fall.

4th House: It’s personal right now for you. Its about family or deep rooted beliefs that stem from cultural traditions which are being reworked or replayed. Jupiter Rx is making you take stock of what you believe to be at the foundation of your world view. You are finding out that the truths you thought were real in your emotional life may not be quite so real. This is the contrast that leads to an expanded emotional life. On a physical level you may be house hunting or needing to relocate, don’t be frustrated in the retrogr period by not getting exactly what you want, things will work out later in the year. The good news is, Jupiter is present with the other planets involved it will help cushion the changes.

5th House: What a time to have Jupiter in your 5th. If you’re single, dating certainly isn’t the same wIth the pandemic. Yet, as one person wisely stated, dating is a little easier now because less people are pretending and you really can see who aligns with you. It’s definitely a time to assess your beliefs around your ability to self express. As a parent these can be extra-stressful times, take a step back and find ways to include your kids in the process around the house or your stress levels will be at an all time high. If you found out you’re expecting and are happy about it, don’t let worry get in the way. The world won’t always be upside down, it’s going to take a few years before things even out of the chaos.

6th House: 40 million people plus are out of work in the USA, if you are one of those, don’t take it personally, It might be wise to get signed up with a temp agency or look to starting your own business. Believe it or not, and it’s probably exactly what you’re learning right now (to not believe), your value does’t come from outside authority. Your work isn’t the only way to be of service. If you’re suffering from stress, your health will be impacted doubly now. Self care is essential, let go of your belief that rest means you’re lazy. It’s going to be a long couple of years, inflexibility is going to hurt you. You can be disciplined and able to pivot.

7th House: You really are finding out who is standing with you right now. Contracts, agreements and partnerships are intense right now. Your beliefs about marriage, your marriage especially, or business partners or even best friends are being called into question. As hard as this is to hear, it’s not personal, this is exactly the experience you came to learn and that includes unlearning the ideals about one on one relationships that you were taught growing up. Any co-dependent or strict ideas about roles are being challenge. Remember from an esoteric standpoint, Capricorn is about the spiritualization of matter, you are deconstructing in this area of life to rebuild and manifest, bigger & stronger after the outer planets go direct in the fall.

8th House: What hidden truths are being dug up to be examined? Family secrets, hidden agendas, legacies that need a second look. As much as the 8th house rules shared resources and physical inheritance, it can also be structures and beliefs. Just like on the mass conscious level people are tearing down statues that represent the edification of ideals no longer supported in today’s reality; you may be coming to grips with understanding the ideals passed down to you by family. Examine, accept and then determine for yourself what you believe; don’t jump on a bandwagon mindlessly, really dig soul deep to discover the truth for yoursel.

9th House You might find yourself questioning everything you thought you believed, or could be stuck trying to figure out your education options. With everything going on in the world, is school really the best option? Debate, challenge and observation are your keys to mental expansion right now. Journal your observations to both work through the existential crisis the world has entered and to document your observation. In just a few years those notes will be a valuable resource.

10th House: It probably seems like everything worked for is falling apart at the seams, but only if you’re heavily invested in the status quo. It’s not that institutions need to all be eradicated, some need reform, and some new ones need to be built. Here’s the

deal, structure is vital, it’s unchecked power which is on the chopping block right now. Reassess your beliefs about leaders, authority, and ambition and how you express this in the world.

11th House: Your belief in society has been shaken not stirred over the past few weeks, and things are bound to get more intense through summer. You might lose friends, walk away from organizations or even social media platforms over the current events taking place. Don’t just walk or unfriend, use this time to really discover people who you can align with to join in building new solutions. If you aren’t taking time to re-evaluate your beliefs, you’re going to be in a rude awakening come November 12th when Jupiter & Pluto meet for the third and final time in Capricorn.

12th House: Jupiter is stirring up your unconscious, beliefs you may not even have realized you possess may be coming to light. Unconscious bias is something we all have, allow it to come to light and then decide if you want to retain those ideals. Likewise you may be walking through a dark night of the soul, this is preparing you for a massive transformation in the future. Keep a dream journal and seek support through this intense time. Keep your connection to source open and don’t let fear run the show.

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