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The Cauldron Boils Over: November 2020

I'm not going to predict a winner for the US Presidential election, not because I don't think I know who will win, but because I think that there's bigger fish to fry right now. What??? You mean there's something more important than who becomes president? Nope, didn't say that, frankly that's just how some astrologers prove their street cred. There's important events happening post Election Day that you need to prepare for and that's what I'm addressing here.

Election Day sees Mercury in Libra station direct. This alone is such a 2020 move. The day a planet stations is usually a very intense time. With both Venus and Mercury in Libra, social justice, fairness and shenanigans (if not outright violence) is expected on the day of the election. There will be no clear official result, there will be conflicting communication, there will be rising tensions and people are ready to stand up for their beliefs. Remember that warring rhetoric I wrote about in the spring and summer? On a collective level what happens on Election Day turns up the heat on the cauldron causing it to boil over mid-month.

November 12-14 , 2020

Days that will not be forgotten in the history books.

As of this writing, Jupiter and Pluto are already within 1 degree orb in an approaching conjunction. The tension will spill over into outright conflict but things really reach the boiling point when Jupiter meets Pluto on the 12th. Jupiter exaggerates, magnifies what every it touches, it's the rhetoric manifesting on the streets (because it's in Capricorn which is esoterically the sign that governs physical manifestation) , as it meets Pluto for a final ringing of the great gong of mass systemic change things will get past the point of containment. The reason for this is that Mars in Aries will station direct.

Ever pulled back a rubber band? That's how Mars in Aries has felt in retrograde. (Metaphorically speaking of course). The planet of action, aggression, outright war, in it's home sign has been hobbled in retrograde, building up kinetic energy. Once it stations direct, tempers flare and the the cauldron won't just spill over, we'll find out that the brew spilling out is explosive.

Now I'm writing in metaphors to describe how this energy will feel, especially to those who are highly sensitive/intuitive. You already feel it coming, trust your instincts.

As individuals you ALWAYS have a choice on what you will do and how you respond regardless of the cosmic tides. However, we are living in a time of extreme change, the energy is intense, and even exceptionally well practiced metaphysicians will be hard pressed to stay steady without expressing anger, or acting on frustrated impulse. And it's not just about the US elections, things will be going off all over the globe.

Beyond the Jupiter, Pluto and Mars action, there's also another sighting of Comet Neowise and an Eclipse on November 30. Comets and eclipses are traditionally seen as malefic events, but that is because they herald sudden change. Change is something most humans resist. The thing is everything is changing from here on out, society, culture, economics, politics, from 2020 forward the old way of being is in the history books and we're forging a new path forward. Call it change, call it evolution, call it what you will... it's coming.

What can you do?

Everyone has their own path, but if you find yourself getting swept up in the cosmic tsunami you might want to try to take a step back. The minute you think, "I don't have a choice..." Is the exact moment you do have a choice. The moment you feel like there's no way forward or only one thing you can do, is the exact moment you have a range of options before you. The thing you MUST do to access your options is to stop, breathe deep (not just once or twice) for at least 90 seconds before acting.

I highly advise from the dates above through December that you limit your travel beyond your immediate area if possible. Furthermore if you live in an urban center be ready to have to stay home either on lockdown or because of intense violence, or both.

Make sure you have your basic necessities prepared, and self care. Lots of self care items, from enough to make goodies to having your favorite epsom salts for baths.

And know this... The above turmoil is for the mass consciousness, if you are woke and can hold an elevated perspective you will have a potentially powerful time and can make even more change than if you allow yourself to react out of instinct. You have a frontal lobe, use it.

If you want to know exactly how to surf the wave personally, then schedule an astrology consultation to find out how you can navigate the increasingly intense waves rising up from now through 2025.

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