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Survival Strategies for Thanksgiving 2020

First of all, a reminder that we’re still in a pandemic and cases in the USA are climbing. Given the current astrological weather, this astrologer cautions everyone to sit their butts at home.

That being said, with the Moon in Aries squaring off with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto on the 26th, even if you stay home expect some kerfuffle.

Politics aside, it’s been a long year, everyone’s a little more fragile right now. Frayed nerves can lead to what appear to be angry outbursts or button pushing. Holidays have a way of bringing up all the old (dysfunctional) family dynamics in the first place, especially the Winter holidays (thanks Sagittarius season), 2020 will see this magnified. So whether you choose to cave into family pressure or stay home, expect some flack from the more reactive members of your family.

  1. The Aries Moon is going to push survival instincts. Take a really, really deep breath before you react or push back. Ask yourself if it’s worth reacting. It’s probably good to screen your calls in the morning.

  2. Traditions will have to change. Change resistant family members are going to be wigging out. You don’t have to participate in melt downs.

  3. Connect with people with whom you have emotionally safe & supportive relationship. Watch the news for your fill of drama.

Seriously, deep breaths before you blow your top, especially if you’re an Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn. Leos and Sagittarius be extra mindful that others are feeling worn and vulnerable, people snap hard from this space.

Wear masks, stay distanced, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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