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Saturn Retrograde: Assessing Your Goals

Updated: May 20, 2020

Saturn is the planet that represents authority, structure, rules, ambition, discipline and goals. It often gets a bad rap, because so often "authority" is exercised as power and control.

Saturn rules Capricorn (for a quick reference on the planets check out the cheat sheet blog post here), it also is the traditional ruler of Aquarius where it now resides at 1 degree. On May 11, 2020 Saturn began it's slow move back to Capricorn until September 28th, when it will go direct again and move into Aquarius in January 2021.

Saturn is not a personal planet, but it does clue into social programming in your own personal chart. Where Saturn resides in your personal chart will emphasize some strong structural ideas about that area of life. If you're wanting to unplug from the Matrix, look to Saturn in your chart to find the Matrix. You can't unplug from what you don't understand. If you watched the video on human consciousness (find it here) then you will remember that even rebelling against the programming can be a form of social programming. The only way to get around the programs is to transcend, or remove yourself from the polarity.

Saturn Retrograde is your chance to review the programs in the area of life it's transiting in your natal (and progressed chart if you're over 30 especially). Here's a quick break down of what it might be you can review to free yourself up a little more before 2021.

Saturn transits through the houses are just a snippet of what the transit is cultivating in your life. The information below is specifically written for Saturn in Aquarius moving back in to Capricorn. (You'll want your natal chart (birth chart) and find where Saturn is transiting for you)

If you have questions after reading through the information below please feel free to ask your question in the comments.

1st House

Saturn transiting the 1st House of your chart is giving you the opportunity to assert yourself with authority. Which may mean you butt up against society or people may challenge your self-assertion. Here's the deal, anytime we try to lay down the law (a very instinctual/low level transactional consciousness) it's probably not going to be met with a whole lot of acceptance. However, confidence is King, so use the retrograde period to really come to grips with your foundational self. It's really about having a strong inner authority, knowing you are your own person and operating with confidence. If the haters are gonna hate, so what? The minute you let their opinion of you impact how you feel about yourself, you've just handed your authority away.

2nd House

Saturn moving through your second house is making you evaluate what really matters to you. The second house rules money, love, real estate (not home), and what you appreciate or find important. If you're financial or value based goals have been founded on someone else's idea of what's important then this is where you're going to have to get real, and fast. You may have lost income, or your home during the direct motion, if you feel like this makes you a loser, or you aren't worth anything, then use this time to adjust your ideas around what's important. If you've rebelled against the programming that you need status or money by disenfranchising yourself, now is a time to take a look at it as well. It's okay to be comfortable, even in difficult times, find out what that means to you and start planning to build your own future accordingly.

3rd House

Saturn transiting the 3rd house may feel a bit restricted on your movements (which makes sense in the pandemic), but you may find that you're having difficulty with communications. Like people don't want to hear what you have to say. Or you might have been trained to believe that what you say doesn't matter so why speak up? Saturn is giving you the opportunity to learn how to use your voice with authority. The thing is what does that authority sound like? Are you expecting people to listen to you on face value? Are you providing enough information? Are you listening to their point of view? Evolved communication includes listening, and it means asking questions. Ask open ended questions to ensure communication goes both ways.

4th House

Saturn transiting the 4th house might mean you're feeling cooped up, or not satisfied with your physical living space. Or it could be that you're feeling like your emotional needs aren't met. It's a time to take stock in your own foundations of what "home" really means to you. Conversely, it could be a time where you own your own responsibility when it comes to your emotional life. Any codependent relationships will become very evident with Saturn transiting in the 4th house and you get to evaluate how you can take ownership of your own emotional health. If you don't like where you're living, what do you want? Does the house need repairs? Are you tired of the people you're living with? Do you need better boundaries with roommates? This is your opportunity to gain clarity and define what you want for you.

5th House

Saturn moving through the 5th house may feel like fun isn't an option or your creativity might feel less imaginative and more practical. It's a time to create rules around your dating, creating and parenting life. Setting boundaries is the name of the game when it comes to any Saturn transit, in the 5th house it's about creating form and structure that help hone your skills of self expression. It could be that you need to claim your authority and not allow others to impede your creative flow, your expression of self and restrict your ability to create fully. Which means of course there will be lots of opportunity to practice building the boundaries you need in place.

6th House

Saturn transiting the 6th house could find that you need to gain more discipline around your health, work and daily habits. If you've always done things a certain way, you may be asked to do things in a new way. Saturn in the the 6th affords you the opportunity to dive into new routines and to break old habits that don't serve your physical well being. You may find yourself dissatisfied with work or conversely finding where you work too much to avoid the rest of life. Or you may need to find new routines or build new skills to help improve your work/life balance.

7th House

Often called the house of marriage, the 7th house is really about one on one relationships that have a set agreement. Any relationship with one other person that has a contract is governed by the 7th house. Saturn moving through the 7th house gives you the opportunity to assess what those agreements and contracts need to have in order for you to feel stable and secure. Are you getting an equal shot in the agreement? Are you sacrificing your authority for the hope of security? Do you feel restricted or held back by your relationships? In the modern world, it's okay to review and revise our contracts with our partners and ourselves. It could represent power struggles in these relationships, just because you want to firm things up doesn't mean the other person does. Be ready to do what you need to do for you.

8th House

Saturn moving through the 8th house is when you may feel limited or restricted in regards to your resources shared with others, or like you can't find satisfaction on a deep level. Whether you're afraid to access the taboo or you're being judged for your interest in the occult/mysteries or others are trying to control you financially, this is a time you need to shore up your boundaries and own your inner authority on these matters. You have a choice, fall in line with the status quo or choose your own structures. It could be a time where you realize where you are giving your power away to society or personal partners. Now is the time to form your inner authority when it comes to matters of transformation and shared resources.

9th House

On a very physical level, Saturn transiting the 9th house could mean that you have difficulty in higher education, are restricted from traveling or are facing legal battles. This is a space where the rubber meets the road. If paperwork is involved, get yours in order, find advocacy, you need to have your physical evidence together. This transit will trigger off a need for the truth to come out in the wash, but you can't prove anything without having the paper trail.

It could also be an opportunity to change direction, if you're in a field of study that isn't what you really want to do, it will get more and more uncomfortable until you are forced to choose another direction. If you aren't disciplined, this is the time to get organized so you can expand your mind, get the qualifications or win the battle.

10th House

Saturn moving through your 10th house can be the time you reap the rewards of your past efforts. If you were disciplined, took opportunity, and built your reputation you will step into your authority in the world (most often viewed as career). If you let doubt, worry, the opinions of others overly impact your performance, you will find yourself facing restrictions in the world. Saturn is always about boundaries, yours and other people's, and when it moves through the 10th house, it is important to both respect other people's while holding your own. You might find yourself learning how to lead, when you are on the right track you will be rewarded, if you're needing improvement it will become apparent rapidly. If this is the first time Saturn is transiting your 10th house, seek mentors to help you become your best version of yourself in the world.

11th House

Saturn moving through the 11th house will show you where you need to work on your larger connections/community relationships. If you haven't been happy with the groups you're in this will become more uncomfortable until you make a change. Likewise, it might be a time where you feel isolated and need to break free to form positive community relationships. You may find that you have outgrown the groups or associations you've been involved with for a good part of your life. If you're not conscious of how your interactions with the community(ies) or groups you've been involved with (or not) has been affecting you, now is the time you will feel it. You will either start to feel restricted or feel like things need to be refined, or you will feel pushed out or want to move into new circles.

12th House

Saturn moving through the 12th will often show up in the way of showing how you hold yourself back through irrational fears and phobias, addictions, or where you are disconnecting from "reality." Traditionally Saturn transiting the 12th house is viewed as a reality check. Conversely if you've taking a more self actualized route in life, this is a time where you are building strong spiritual foundations, are able to create boundaries on the physical and astral, and are able to stand in your own authority as a spiritual being having a human experience.

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