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Mars in Aries 2020: Great Balls of Fire

Are you ready for the real 2020 show to begin? If you thought the first half of 2020 was crazy, just wait there’s more...


If you are feeling lost, directionless, defeated, or without value...

You have done nothing wrong.

You aren’t a loser.

You are simply living in a time of massive system failure. You are not the cause. Your job is coming, once the dust settles. Hold tight, we’ll need all hands on deck in 2021 and beyond.

On June 27th, Mars entered into Aries and the God of War is determined to stay in his home sign for a good long time. Normally, Mars moves through a sign in about 2.5 months, this year however Mars will station retrograde in his home sign thereby giving us about 6 months of his Fire Starter energy.

Aries is a cardinal sign, cardinal signs like to start stuff. Unconsciously expressed Mars in Aries is aggressive, active, and bursting with sparks to get things lit up. Consciously expressed Mars in Aries is assertive, gets the ball rolling and makes things happen.

With current world transits being what they are, Mars in Aries is going to spark what’s already dry into flames. That’s on the mass consciousness level, if you’re not thinking or reasoning, taking pause to reflect or consider your actions, it will be incredibly easy to get caught up in conflict. Remember, you ALWAYS have a choice, always: it will be in the moment in which life altering split moment decisions to act will be made, especially this summer.

Mars ingress to Aries activates the 0 degree Cancer eclipse of June 21st. Banging the drum to incite change to home, hearth, family, and country. Civilization as we know it is being changed forever as humanity takes it’s next steps forward.

Change is inevitable, how you meet these changes is up to you.

Venus now direct in Gemini gives rise to voices declaring their values and ideals, while illusions dissipate under a now retrograde Neptune. And...Jupiter and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn meet up on June 30th for their second of 3 conjunctions in 2020 showing the ideological divide between factions created to divide, conquer and control the people. Be mindful, explore your values before needing to die on a hill, you might find out you’re merely cannon fodder.

Adding more oomph to the demo plan we collectively experience Saturn’s last dance in Capricorn on July 1. Saturn returns to Capricorn sliding back for one last clean up of faulty structures. The foundation is cracked and crumbling, it will fall, but not all at once, watch through the rest of the year as more corporations and government agencies fail.

July 4th/5th: Eclipse In Capricorn. This is it folks, the tipping point is past. Irreversible change is now here. Get ready to surf the wild energetic currents. Keep your pantry stocked, bugout bags packed, be ready for anything.

On a positive note, look to where Aries resides in your chart. Mars will energize this sector of life. Don’t wait to do the things that make you feel alive, now IS the time.

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