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Magical Times: Virgo Full Moon

February 27th brings the Full Moon in Virgo and with her come blessings in abundance.

Full Moons are always a time of release, often intense, gritty, and emotional times. It's as if the Cosmos knows that we as a collective, and as individuals, have had enough in the way of dramatic release and abrupt awakening. The Full Moon in Virgo promises all of the compassion and healing energy the Harvest Goddess can bring us.

Virgo is a sign which bears the greatest compassion, seconded only by Pisces, that's right you read that correctly. As much as modern astrologers harp on Virgo's drive for perfection which often comes off as nit pickiness or control, Virgo is the sign which rules the healer. Healers often have to apply methods which on the outset cause pain, or offer medicine which tastes atrocious, in order to do so they know how to detach and see the outcomes of the service. The attention to detail, the suggestions to correct behavior or even appearance are not offered to tear down the subject of their eagle eyes, but rather to assist the person become the version of self the Virgo can see so very clearly under "all of the imperfections."

This Full Moon feels like the energy of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin. If you want to set up an alter or offer prayers in a ritual you may want to mention her or get to know her very kind healing spirit.

The Moon in Virgo expresses emotions by care taking, fussing over people and situations, often processing their own through doing tasks of service (stress cleaning or taking care of family pets). It is difficult for a Virgo Moon to release pent up emotions, so you might find them watching romantic dramas, or reading tragic love stories to offer them the space to release a tear or two. Moon in Virgo does not take on the emotions of others, but they can assist those who are emotionally suffering by holding space and bringing the "out of control" emotional spiral to an end by pointing out what is right in front of a person. Years ago my best friend was a Virgo Moon and I was going through some of the most intense healing and shadow work of my life. I would drive over the hill to her house after hours of excruciating emotional release (think super ugly crying) and the moment she would greet me things would shift. She never swept me up in her arms and babied me, nope. She'd hand me a tissue and tell me to look at her flowers or show me a new farm animal or distract me from what was no longer serving me. Then with a no nonsense tone of voice tell me, "What do you need to get done today.? You realize you're letting (insert name of the person who was responsible for my trauma wounds) run your life right now?"

It might sound like her methods were cold, but they were the most welcome and were successful in helping me shift out of the downward spiral. Which is why I would drive over the hill, my friend had an uncanny ability to pull on the brakes and the right time to help me shift perspective. So too, will this beautiful Full Moon in Virgo.

On TikTok someone asked, "What if I don't know how to release? How can I do it?" You won't have to know a thing to allow for release and healing with this Full Moon. The Moon opposes Venus hours before she waxes Full and makes a supportive trine to Uranus in Taurus while opposing Saturn. There are beliefs acting as chains or blocks to your progress, this Moon is melting away some big resistance patterns, blocks and mental grit which has been preventing you from taking your next steps forward on your journey. So if you feel like you've been running into walls, expect to wake up feeling freer than you have in... well... your whole life.

This is a boon from the Cosmos, a gift of sorts, but instead of being some kind of external object like magic beans or ruby slippers, this is the gift of unlocking your own special kind of magic. This gift is permanent progress, it is no fleeting thing, and you need to do nothing to receive it, it is your birthright.

You may be feeling pretty raw, gritty and emotional right now as the Leo Moon dredges up the old vulnerabilities, the times you were not seen or heard, the memories of people who didn't see your worth, the times you compromised your own value, it's just preparing the way for beautiful release so you can fill with the healing energy.

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