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Jupiter in Pisces 2021: It's Not All Sunshine and Roses

If you listen to the majority of astrologers simping over Jupiter ingress into Pisces, you might be in for quite a shock. Agreed the "Great Benefic" is entering Pisces, something it does every 12 years, and yes it is in a sign it rules...meaning it's at home. But in this astrologer's experience Jupiter isn't always Santa Claus we're all looking for...sometimes it's just A LOT.

And looking at current world events as Jupiter sits at the edge of Aquarius, it's easy to say this sneak peek into 2022, is going to give us more than our fill. Remember, 2020 heralded the beginning of the

end for systems built on dominance and control, the energy ringing out like waves of sound after the banging of a gong. In May of 2021 we're about to feel that wave of sound in very real ways, in part thanks to Jupiter in Pisces.

Jupiter makes it's ingress into Pisces on May 13th in the evening (Pacific Time), already we see conflict in the Middle East, supply chain shortages, gas prices hiking and pipelines being held hostage. This will only increase as Jupiter the planet ruling belief dips it's toes into Pisces the sign ruling gas, pharmaceuticals (drugs), altered states, spirituality, illusion, delusion, deception, veils and faith. All last year I warned of warring rhetoric because Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct, this year I warn of unfettered evangelism turning radical as people attempt to wrest control through ancient and outmoded ideas and ideals.

Pisces has no boundaries, Jupiter is expansion, we have a pandemic still and the virus knows no borders. I don't care how powerful the billionaire is or the CEO calling to get people "back to work" their normal is not returning. As restrictions ease, we will see numbers go up, mutations increase, and our systems become more strained with issues stemming from an already pre-covid supply chain glitch.

This is mundane astrology, this is for mass consciousness, this is not how it has to play out for you as an individual. Remember, you have the ability to dream, create, innovate, collaborate and communicate to succeed. You can and will see opportunity where ever Jupiter transits your personal chart (look to the house or houses with Pisces), just remember you ALWAYS have a choice and you will be gifted with a variety opportunities, choose the ones that feel best. Enjoy the boost of faith, enjoy the deeper connection with your spiritual life, enjoy the boost in your intuition, but also keep your feet firmly on the ground.

As this comes so close on the heels of the powerful Taurus New Moon and just before eclipse season begins (May 26 for the Total Lunar Eclipse) this is a powerful moment in unprecedented historic times. Listen to discover more about what Jupiter in Pisces has in store for us on my new Podcast: The Awake Space

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