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Full Moon Pisces: Release and Restore

September 1st (or 2nd depending on where you live) the Moon is Full in Pisces. It is a time to release your fears, let go of your worry, meditate and/or pray to your higher power (whatever or whomever you believe in) and surrender that which you cannot control. It's a time to open to your connection to the universe and allow yourself to be restored, renewed and find faith as we walk towards Autumn and into the uncertainty of Winter.

In the Northern Hemisphere, our ancient ancestors used this time to pray for a bountiful harvest to tide them through the harsh and barren Winter months. In 2020, this is the time to release the fears of the past six months, let go of the resentment and open up to inspiration. There's a lot coming up on the astrological horizon, but this Full Moon gives us a graceful pause to take spiritual stock of where we stand. Faith, regardless of your specific beliefs, is up on deck. In a world addicted to tangible results and empirical data, the Full Moon in Pisces asks us each to let go and "let God" (Source, The Universe, or The Great Spaghetti Monster). It's a time to surrender not in defeat, but in faith that you chose to be here, on this planet at this time for a reason, you do have something to offer and maybe it has nothing to do with a job, career, relationship, or what the neighbors (or family) think, maybe you are here to do something ten years from now or next year... so if you're feeling drained, and lord aren't we all? If you're cringing at the thought of what other strange event will happen, or what awful news will come at us next, or if you're exhausted from the strain, just know now is the time to have that cry, but don't give up.

This Full Moon will have the Pisces feels, deep release might happen through weepiness or strange dreams, but it also has the opportunity to restore and fill you with a connection to the All that Is, your source , or your connection to the Divine. If ever there was a time we need some hope, faith and love; it's now. To do that look to the things that inspire you, be it music, art, poetry, spoken word, gardening, a child's laughter, a cat batting at dust bunnies or a dog cuddling up next to you on the couch... however you connect, do it. Get off of Facebook, turn off the news, don't get into it with anyone no matter how out of line they are... literally turn the other cheek.

Turn the other cheek, didn't mean to give an enemy another target, it meant to move your focus in a different direction. Just for the day, turn your attention to the things that restore hope, faith and love, it's not spiritual by-passing to search for inspiration and beauty. Collectively we've all experienced trauma in 2020, taking one day to release, restore, meditate and seek our divine connection is healing. The problems of the world will still be there the next day, but those who take time to restore and revitalize from a mental and spiritual space will have more resources to address that which must be repaired as we move forward into the latter part of 2020. Remember, everyone is impacted by the Full Moon, you're just taking care of you, no need to wake anyone up or preach or try to save anyone from themselves, take care of you... just for the day (or maybe two), you'll thank me later.

2020 is definitely an historic turning point for humanity, if you're trying to figure out how to plan for your future an astrological reading is a good way to take stock of your strengths and look at the future trends coming up in your own life. Schedule your reading with me here: Use Code: Save20 To Save 20% on all readings.

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