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Fixed Signs: Saturn in Aquarius is Coming

Okay, now that I have your attention. I want you to read this carefully.


Don't just skim over it because you think you know what I'm going to tell you. Read each and every word, twice.

There's a lot of astrologers out there on the internet trying to freak you out about Saturn heading into Aquarius. If you were watching the Cardinal signs with a "holy sh%t, sucks to be them" point of view and are worried you're in for it next, take a deep breath. Your experience is not even going to come close to the experience of the past 3 years for the Cardinal Signs. Saturn on it's own can feel a little gritty, a little tough, like a tough teacher or drill sergeant leading you through your paces, but it is NOT solely responsible for what the Cardinal Signs went through.

Jupiter + Saturn x Pluto = UNDOING ON A MASSIVE SCALE

That's what the Cardinal signs went through and to be honest they are designed to do exactly what they did. They start stuff, on the collective level they transformed from the inside out letting going of things that no longer served, going through dark nights of the soul and spiritual initiations, helping the collective prepare for the next steps.

You Fixed signs will be taking a leading role, but you will not be going through an undoing. You will be restructuring and you will be learning to bring collaboration and leadership into a new shape going forward. You will face push back for this, and you will find out what you are made of, however make no mistake, this can be a great experience.

Perspective is everything, walk into this with open arms, learn to listen to the cosmos and your fellow humans, stop trying to run the show and learn how to work together with others and you will find vast amounts of opportunity. If you refuse to take personal responsibility or refuse to be accountable for you part in life, that's where things are going to get messy.

Take it easy. Remember, you're the team up next for a reason, you were designed to take on the next two years of building new foundations for a better social and cultural landscape. At the end of the Saturn transit through Aquarius you will have found your real liberation.

Good luck.

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Laurie Rivers
Laurie Rivers
Dec 17, 2020

Thanks so much!


I love this Laurie. Your perspective is like an invitation to a cold shower on a hot day. Takes some guts, but is refreshingly glorious.

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