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Drums of Autumn: Mars Retrograde

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Mars in Aries stations retrograde on September 9th, this means it will appear to move backwards from our perspective here on Earth.

If you get nothing else out of this article, understand that during this time from September 9th through November 13, 2020 it has never been so important to:


Mars in Aries is all about action, forward motion, getting up and starting something. It doesn't like to slow down, it doesn't like to be held back, and it doesn't like to feel constrained. Since Mars made it's ingress into Aries back in June, Jupiter and Saturn were retrograde (followed shortly by Pluto). Saturn the planet of restriction in retrograde meant that authority figures and the status quo just couldn't get their hands on all of the fire Mars in Aries was flinging. From the eruption of civil unrest, to forest and wildfires, economic downhill slides, nothing was able to stick when it came to containing the Mars in Aries fury.

Be ready for an energetical tantrum in the days preceding and just following Mars in Aries turning retrograde. Already fires are raging in the West with unhelpful gusty conditions in the Pacific Northwest, places that don't normally catch fire are now ablaze. In California a mishap with an incendiary device at a "gender reveal" party set off another big wildfire. "What were they thinking?!" ... Yeah... they weren't because Mars in Aries doesn't tend to stop and think, it goes forth. Which is why as an individual you need to take charge of your own conscious actions, thoughts and be exceptionally mindful in the latter part of 2020.

Dates To Keep In Mind Laurie's Mini- Predictions

September 9, 2020 Mars stations retrograde in Aries - Be careful around sharp objects, pay attention when walking/jogging and be wary of aggressive people. Arguments can quickly become a fight. Count to ten before you speak or act in anger.
September 13, 2020: Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn - You might feel a bit of weight lifted off your chest or shoulders. Don't over indulge or go nuts feeling the relief.
September 29, 2020 Saturn stations direct in Capricorn - Authority figures will be feeling more secure and taking action. Rules may be reinstated or changed to benefit those in authority. Stress and tension may erupt into fights. Be on the lookout for troop movements and threats of war (Week of September 24th)

Like I mentioned in the Fate vs Free post, my intention is not to scare you but help you become aware of what energy is at play. What you're read above is how the energy plays out in Mass Consciousness. The unthinking collective action vs individual thoughtful energy. My goal is to help you prepare so here's what you can do as an individual to tame the energy as it impacts you.

Mars in Aries retrograde will be most productive when you learn how to think twice and measure your words and thoughts. If you say nice things but think mean thoughts, it's not helping you in the least, especially when it comes to yourself. You may be facing uncertainty in your work life, home life, or just worried about the state of the world. Remember, worry is stealing from the future to disturb the present. Aries energy can be pure, innocent and focused, during the retrograde period, look to where you can be kind to yourself and your neighbors. Slow down and think before you speak or act, practice a physical discipline that burns off nervous energy.

Notice the political season is heating up... don't get into heated debates, you're not going to change anyone's mind. People have chosen their "side", and to be honest, there's other things on the horizon that are more worth putting your energy toward. Now is the time to reevaluate your skills and what it is you are willing to do to feel secure and map out an action plan for 2021. Because the big political stuff, all you can do is vote (and please do!), but eating, paying your rent, keeping employed, maintaining important relationships and taking care of your mental wellness are things that you and you alone can control.

Remember in the Full Moon in Pisces post, I urged you to feel the feels and then recharge and fill up with as much Grace as you could muster. You're just about to find out why. September is going to be a hell of a month with political upheaval, more civil unrest and natural disasters that continue.

Use you brain, use caution, think before you act, don't get into it with people, avoid crowds, and plan for 2021.

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