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8th House Astrology: Soul Deep

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

I like to call Popular Astrology, astrology's also dangerous. Popular astrology cuts corners, gives out wrong information, and puts the field of astrology in question. It also tends to freak people out, incite fear or worry; especially when it comes to the 8th and 12th houses.

There's some popular, and erroneous, information saying that the sign on your eighth house cusp (or the placements there in) will tell you how you're going to die.

Not true.

Can an astrologer calculate an estimated death date or cause? Yes, however it is both difficult and complex; certainly nothing as simple as a mere glance at the 8th house cusp. If it were that easy or accurate, we'd all treat life a little differently, don't you think?

It's bad information like this that made me go more than public with real astrology. Why? Because false information like this SCARES people. Young people just getting into astrology can be triggered, people who have lost loved ones to disease, or accident may find themselves reliving trauma, and some people already on the edge may lose hope for their future. Real professional astrologers have ethics and abide by ethics.

One of the rules real professional astrologers operate under is that we do NOT inform a client of their death. Here's the reason:

  1. Death isn't always death of the body, it could be a big change in the person's life (divorce, marriage, big move, change of career, or illness from which they have a long recovery, it could also be a spiritual awakening.)

  2. When you issue a death date you rob people of their life, you could plant a seed that matures into reality or you might simply be the agent of anxiety.

People often ask me what my favorite placements are, and though I don't have any true favorites, I will admit that of all 12 houses, the knowledge I gained from the 8th I hold most dear. To me there are no two more beautiful houses than the 8th and the 12th. It is shoddy astrology to say that the 8th house is death and the 12th is suffering, that's boiling down concepts into oversimplified equivalence of fast food in astrological terms.

The 8th house is SOUL DEEP TRANSFORMATION and you don't have die in a physical body to do it. The 8th house shows our attitudes to death, grieving, the mysteries, the occult, the hidden and veiled. It's where the skeletons in our closets reside awaiting transmutation into POWER, real power. It is how we change and grow from our intimate relationships (7th house), what we inherit both psychologically and physically from our family of origin. It is our relationship with the taboo, the hidden, and the unknown. It is an energetic cave of wisdom, it is from here we connect with our ancestors.

So, if you have placements of any kind in the 8th house please remember they have nothing to do with your own death. They show how you deal with death of loved ones, what kind of impact generational programs have on you and how you transform through that lineage. They can show a proclivity for the occulted or mysterious, you could be a fine detective or therapist, you may have an interest into getting to the root of matters or the heart of things. There is nothing shallow or surface level when it comes to the 8th house, it is all about depth, alchemy, transmutation and regeneration. The 8th house indicates your resilience and your ability to restore, refresh and renew through initiations and dark nights of the soul. What it does NOT signify is your death.

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