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Intermediate Astrology 2024

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8H Libra Venus

Métis, the goddess of wisdom, greeted me with a warm smile and a cup of chamomile tea. “For your nerves, honey. Have a seat. You are safe here.”

Métis shuffled her tarot deck as I felt the wave of compassion rush over me.

“Ah yes, the Tower. You have been feeling this for sometime. It’s been a bumpy ride for you, but do not despair. What you have faced in the hands of others you continue to place on yourself. I want you to be gentle with yourself. What kept you safe then is not the antidote to your healing.”

Métis pulled the next card. “The King of Cups. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. Remember your courage as you stand here today in honor of the magical woman you are. You are warm, caring, gentle and diplomatic. Charming and witty. Remember in these dark times that the scales of justice serve not to punish those who’ve robbed you of your peace, but to assert your own liberation.”

“One more card before I must go attend to Hercules. That boy will never learn,” Métis sighs.

“Is it true what Stephen Fry wrote about you and Hercules in Mythos? Is he in love with you? Must be exhausting to get that man to leave you alone!” I exclaimed.

Métis laughs as she draws the Three of Cups card. “He could have written 10 more volumes! Now, back to the cards. You feel alone on this journey, but I want you to remember that you’re beloved. Your chosen family and friends are there to remind you to dance, laugh, and play. Your spirit guides are on your side. You survived Pluto squaring off with your Saturn and your Venus. You can make it through it squaring your moon. Remember your power. You are a force. You need not seek magic outside of you. You have the resources inside to retrain your brain. You’re excellent at research. Track what is going right and your brain will catch up. One day your story will be a beacon of hope for someone else.”

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