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5th house Venus in Scorpio. I’m constantly transforming my craft, whether writing, shooting videos, or taking photos. I’ve always had about five hobbies at once. I’m always finding new projects. I’m too attached to the outcome when I start a new hobby or envision a creative project, and sometimes, the best way for me to navigate that is to push myself into action to do it.

It seems my money comes from doing fun things like photography or writing. In any previous jobs I've had where I've been on a team - I'm the one who creates or perfects or debates how to improve or create a better process. I was a nanny for ten years, and I constantly had to entertain and create fun outings for kids. I seem to attract relationships with mentors or people who help me create a vision for a craft or project.

I grew up in an old historic house with colors and patterns surrounding me, and it’s how I taught myself shapes and colors.

I had these stained glass windows in one room of my childhood home as a kid, and I learned how to “mix” colors by coloring blue on a piece of paper and holding it up to the red reflection on the floor to find it makes purple. when I figure things out like - that is what my Venus wants to attract more of. Here is a pic of the windows.

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