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WOW, everyone's stories are so beautiful and inspiring! Here is my 12H Taurus Venus poem:

She is the mountain.

She has no memories of a time before. Wasn’t she always here?

Only one connection left, though unfortunately a bit austere.

Father Time seemed out of reach, Mother Earth unexpectedly gone.

Unsuccessful finding stability around her - did she do something wrong?

Countless storms etched her valleys, turning rivulets into streams.

Always believing it was her fault for being erodible, she wanted to scream.

"When will this storm pass", she asked, each one feeling like forever.

Letting every one take her down, pebble by pebble.

Perhaps her ridgelines were too curvy, too beautiful her trees,

Was it way the sun lit her foothills, or how she looked in the breeze?

Did she stand too tall? Casting shadows of self-doubt,

Hiding behind her magnitude so others wouldn’t snuff her out.

If only she were a summer lake: calm, inviting, and warm.

Everyone would flock to her shores, instead of hiding from the storm.

Or perhaps she could be a desert, inhospitable except to a few.

Comparing and contrasting, until a recent breakthrough.

As winter thawed and spring came about, she noticed life around her:

The trickle of melting snow, a birdsong echoing, and a field of larkspur.

Sunlight streaming, bears dusting off hibernation, the yawn of winter fraying,

Something had changed, as the leaves of the past started decaying.

What life she brought herself! Her spirit an ecosystem.

She is the stability she sought, found in Saturnian wisdom.

Though she weathered storms, she came out in one piece,

Each raindrop refined and shaped her, initiating a release.

Her ridgelines are perfect as they are, blanketed by gorgeous trees,

Sunlight radiates her foothills, and she is stunning in the breeze.

Tall, steady, and secure, like any mountain made of granite, Now she knows the truth: She is the mountain and the magnet.

Olivia Ohlson
Elaina Tunder


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