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Intermediate Astrology 2024

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Leo Venus 11H

Miss Leo Venus

She's the cat's meow

Standing out amongst the crowd

The It Girl with the loudest roar

While the crowd cheers for more

Miss Leo Venus

Indulge me, wine me, dine me

Tell me I'm pretty, tell me I'm special

But heed my major warning

And don't ever be boring

A day is never dull with Miss Leo Venus

Center of the room, life of the party

Ruling alongside her circle of friends

A confidant giving you confidence

Miss Leo Venus with a heart of gold

Her love for you like an eternal flame

Blazing and bold, affection to hold

From a love that can never be tamed

There is one thing that you must know

That without you, there is no her

For one heart alone can reach another

But our hearts together reach infinity

When you remember all the fun you have

I hope you think of her

Stunning Miss Leo Venus

Glowing on her throne in the House of Hope

Olivia Ohlson
Gabby West


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