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Intermediate Astrology 2024

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I'm still getting caught up, but I just watched week 5 about Jupiter and Saturn. I had so many ah-ha moments, my Jupiter is Gemini 11H and hearing about building opportunity through networking, collaboration, honing in on individuals strengths etc. was spot on.

I also took Clifton Gallup StrengthsFinder years ago and in my top 5 was individualization, and input. Collecting things (objects, information, etc.), I would add collecting "people" not in a creepy way lol, but through networking or traveling especially, curiosity about other's stories and what makes them unique, their strengths to build a team (that's still something I am refining and growing), etc. it's just fun to see the dots connecting this way too.

Venus homework coming before my next trip in a couple of weeks 😅.

Laurie Rivers


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