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I wanted to add-on to my aspect interpretation from today's class. I wasn't ready to dive right in, but everyone's vulnerability has shown me this is a safe space 💖 also ~Taurus moon~ needed more time to process lol

I shared about my Taurus Moon-Venus conjunction in my 12th house. My birth mom died of breast cancer when I was 5 years old, and my dad raised me alone until I was 10. At the time, I did not receive the emotional care I needed to process her death (also how can you at that age...). My dad re-married, so I gained a step-mother and step-sister. My step-mother was a psychologist and an incredible person. She provided a LOT of that emotional care I needed. Unfortunately, she died from early onset Alzheimers when I was 25. I am very grateful to have amazing therapists that helped me unpack and learn how to grieve for both mothers.

My interpretation of this conjunction in my 12th house was unmet emotional needs, love, and affection as a child, and as an adult, my instinct is to find stability/affection. While I am very grounded and level-headed, I believe it is because I relied on myself as a kid and learned to self-soothe. I always wondered where the lack of emotional care was in my chart, and it clicked after a few classes and the Venus exercise.

In our social hour after today's class, Laurie expressed how learning your chart can be a path towards healing. NGL I feel like these placements and their aspect is kind of a doozy, but post Saturn Return, I see how loving myself and finding connection through spiritual practices/outdoor spaces is key to that journey. I always wanted the validation of my value from my moms, though I know I can give it to myself.

My mom would have turned 70 yesterday (shoutout to Pisces Suns), so I am sharing photos of her, Agnes, and my step-mother, Claire, in their honor 💫



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