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My strongest sun aspect, my sun doesn’t aspect other inner planets as close as it does Uranus.


7° 12H Virgo Sun separating trine 5° 4H Capricorn Uranus rx:


The odd duck. The alien. I would probably be an Electric/Psychic type Pokemon when comparing this aspect.

Always been offbeat for as long as I can remember. I used to be embarrassed by it, especially with having a 12H sun due to fear of judgment, but lean into it now. I don't have to try and be quirky, it's just there and it's who I am. I bring a unique presence and insight with me. I get eureka moments, flashes of insight, and large bursts of energy. Chaos is fun in the right doses.


I’ve tried to force myself to be “normal” to conform, but it never worked because my origin story was far from normal. I feel like a bucking bronco when I am forced to conform. When I was younger, these acts of rebellion were met with explosive force. As an adult, I've learned that I need to ground myself in my own unique way, but internally I still can’t be tamed.


It feels like electricity coursing through my veins, and like Aquarius energy, I find that I need something grounding to handle this immense amount of voltage within. If I can’t find a way to properly channel the energy, my nervous system will derail and I will short-circuit. If I ground myself, then I can hunker down and grind things out. I have a very powerful nervous system that managed to survive CPTSD and Lyme. While it’s not easy to take down, it is sensitive.


I’ve had moments where my life has suddenly changed, where things have been flipped upside-down in the bat of an eye, and yet I can still navigate them. There’s never a dull day with me, and I can come off as unpredictable. It took a while to accept I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea as a result. It’s “Look a squirrel!” on steroids, it doesn’t take much for that spark to ignite me energetically when it randomly appears.


I can sense electricity. I noticed that I could when I was a kid and I could hear the buzzing sounds from them. If I am close enough to a power source, I can feel that in my fingers. I constantly get little static shocks from things. I get goosebumps or feel my nervous system course throughout when I have realizations or insights.


This aspect makes me realize that I need to lean into the energy bursts, especially when I am hit with insight. To take the ball and run with it without overanalyzing every step of the way. Accepting that my energy levels are not consistent, but instead sporadic, has helped me not fight periods of fatigue. I understand now that I need to embrace the chaos and appreciate the strange.

Olivia Ohlson


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