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Intermediate Astrology 2024

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2H,Gemini Venus.

She communicates by showing . That’s how she thrives . Thrives by thinking outside the box . The more it does the better they are at improving on previous self. It attracts those who are pure of heart  by being a genuine beacon of hope in a dull world. She’s always willing to put up a fight for those who spark curiosity in her. She was born with a limited view of love and security, but still always managed to be precocious enough to learn. The way she improves on herself through learning and applying to herself is an inspiration. She knows what to say but not how to say it, maybe she just doesn’t feel enough love or security to say it . Maybe with love is how you learn to communicate correctly and that felt limited. But learning to love herself is how she learns to feel secure enough to communicate herself better each time. Ever growing is how she is stimulated and eager to keep learning. She has to stay excited to learn because that’s the only way to stay a beacon of light. To beckon those who need reminding of their own light.

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