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So I did a thing. I was I guess inspired I wrote a poem?? But it only kind of rhymes? I've never done something like this but I wanted to share because it's a part 2 to the assignment from @Laurie Rivers here it goes

Gemini Venus 2 (I'm not good at tittles)

Like when your thinking faster than you can talk

But also talking faster than you can think .

Only when I take a deep breath consciously

can I respond in Sync.

Like stumbling clumsily in and out of things sometimes pleasant

But if you’re not in the present sometimes life  can feel repellent .

The duality of Gemini in how I communicate is either on or off

I can communicate through eye contact and if you accept it’s warm and sunny

But if you reject it it’s cold and shadowy

And someway and somehow when I go with the flow it feels less like failing and more like happy stumbling into my true self .

Elaina Tunder
Laurie Rivers


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