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Since I didn't share last class, I present to you one of my aspects below!

I have several placements and aspects in my natal chart that are associated with the 3H in some way. For the purpose of this exercise, I chose to focus on my natal Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio regarding the 3rd house.  

Before I ever stepped foot into Astrology, I always knew communication and ideas were important to me. If I wasn’t verbalizing my ideas and observations (which tended to be the case), I undeniably was thinking about them. If I was feeling extra inspired, I’d write about it.

Now that I mention it, I think my own journey as a writer greatly reflects this aspect. Not too long ago, I would write about things that were less likely to provoke a reaction and were "socially acceptable". I used to fear that my writing was too intense and taboo. I would end up watering down what I truly wanted to convey.

And where did that get me? Nowhere in terms of fulfillment. I felt unmotivated and uninspired to create.

It wasn't until I really began to delve into astrology that writing about those supposedly intense and taboo subjects is what... wait for it... actually motivated and inspired my creativity! Not to mention, I was feeling far more confident and secure.

If anything, this aspect reminds me that exploring those deep and chaotic feelings energizes and fulfills me more than some pop culture trend ever could.

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