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So I'm late to this but still wanted to share. My Leo Sun is averse to doing homework because growing up, my best was never good enough. If I got an A it should've been an A+, an A+ should've been an A++. You get the idea. So here it goes...

Venus in Gemini

My Venus in Gemini is satisfied by expression in all its forms. As I look back, I can see this manifested early in life. My ears were tingled by the sound of my Mother and her friends gossiping at our cookouts—who’s husband had cheated, who was angry with whom and for what, and secrets that buzzed between them all. I was the sounding board for many a family member/friend. At the age of 9 I could recite exactly how my Uncle passed and how my Nana kneeled in front of his body, praying for his soul, as he lay in the empty operating room—no care given to his humanity—as the medical team/staff left him a shell of a human, and she, there—in shock and disgust, trying to hold onto some semblance of faith while her baby boy’s lifeless frame lay above. Words were beautiful notes strung together to create a composition that allowed me to soak in other people's thoughts and emotions. They also afforded me the opportunity to escape...the library was my favorite place. Books didn't judge me, but their mysteries ensnared me. I was involved in many family discussions and without realizing, was given the responsibility of holding secrets, experiencing traumatic events through memories of wartime events, marital infidelities, family arguments amongst the adults, run ins with the law, etc. I should’ve been shielded from 99% of these discussions, but there was a sense of inner security in listening to everyone. As a youngster, I was fascinated by words, the use of verbiage and the tantalizing tease of foreign languages. I was enthralled by accents, which led me to learn French. I also learned how to write in shorthand (which I still use daily). And music gave me another pathway to freedom, to express myself how I wanted and to soothe any heartbreak - playing the french horn, trumpet, flute and piccolo. My Venus is still soothed by music. Both my love language and my expression of aggravation is in the written word. I can charm the pants off of someone and also hold my own with a band of truckers, cursing a blue streak. Once I feel comfortable in a group, I’ll share; however, listening is my preference. My introduction to local stardom was announcing the grocery store’s weekly sales over the intercom. The cute owner said he liked my voice...I thought I was the Delilah of ShopRite...😆 🎤

It's funny but hearing the phrase - words are power - takes on a whole different meaning now that I've learned just how much I value expression from myself and others.

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