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It took me several hot minutes lol, but I finally was able to sit and put my thoughts together regarding my Venus placement.

Cancer Venus 12th House

She is guarded AF, true to her sign, she hides beneath a protective shell, only coming out when she truly feels safe to do so. She has a vivid imagination and can "fall in love" easily with strangers and create entire relationships (and breakups lol) and many other unrealistic scenarios in the span of 5 minutes. She really loves the mystical, spiritual, unseen elements of life, and ruminate on it nonstop.

Cancer Venus in the 12th romanticizes situations like having a meet cute with a handsome stranger in a foreign land, feeling an instantaneous connection, a deep soul connection, if you will, and riding off happily into the sunset where everything is rosy and just like in the movies. But, when reality sets in and the idealized scenario falls short, she goes back into her shell and retreats. Isolation is all too easy and comfortable for her.

While she is protective of herself, when she loves someone, she will love fiercely, protectively and a little too selflessly. With as much time as she spends in not reality, in the “hidden” nature of the 12th house, she needs to find ways to stay grounded, learn to identify and articulate her emotions, and find the beauty in herself. Opening up and being “vulnerable” is very hard for her, but she is trying. She longs to be seen, but she needs to see and love herself first.

The interesting thing about this placement is how it squares with my Aries Mars, but I'm still noodling on that, not quite sure I can articulate it just yet. Also I'm still a little jet lagged, just got back from my trip on Saturday.

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