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There are many sides of my libra Venus, but here are 2:

She is in my first house. I attract. 

I am soft and warm, shaped very much like the Venus of Willendorf. My physical appearance varies WIDELY depending on my state of well being and ovulation.

Coquette muse to the homely embodiment of depression. 

In my experience, I am most popular with school age boys, men over 60, and persons of any age with mommy issues. I am almost 6ft tall. People notice me everywhere I go. People stare. It’s taken a lot of work on my self esteem to convince myself they are positive stares… whether that is true or not is none of my business. 

Then there is her: 

I am Venus. Hear me roar. 

Injustice is intolerable. The world is so out of balance. It feels like nails on a chalk board on my skin to listen to the news. It hurts my chest and makes my feet feel heavy. I feel so outraged, but depleted. I learned to put my oxygen mask on first in 2023, as I think many Libras did. I realized I am no good to anyone when I’m not at my best. I realized I had to create a life of peaceful surroundings in order to survive the current tensions. So that’s what I did. I had to be cold in facing harsh realities. Cold in making decisions to get me to the balance I so need. 

I know equilibrium will never be reached, but that won’t stop me. I have no choice. There is so much beauty in humanity. I seek to alleviate suffering around me. I try to better the world by being a boots on the ground catalyst for change. I love nothing more than to elevate my fellow man, and I believe that is how the world will heal- Through taking care of each other and working together. 

💖 Libra Venus 1H

P. S. I can’t wait to decorate my new place 

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