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Image by Vincenzo Malagoli

That mental cup of fair trade, organic, medium roast coffee to help clear the cobwebs after you wake up. 

About The Awake Space

Everyday you wake up from sleep, sometimes it takes coffee to jump start your day. (Maybe you drink tea, macha or a green smoothie.)  Being awake and aware doesn't mean you know how to move forward. 


Here at The Awake Space, you gain the knowledge to help you know how to discover your hidden talents and find direction or take the next steps in life.

Learning to read your astrology chart and how to navigate your "wokeness" in a world that is quickly transforming will help you go from woke, to inspired, to seizing every single day.

Laurie Rivers brings you fresh new ways to explore who you are, how you  can notice the programming from society, family, and culture and then decide what you want to do about it (if anything).

"I don't care what you believe, I care that you know what you believe."

Laurie Rivers

Image by Alexandra Gorn
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